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Stamats has a proven storied history in the publishing industry. When the industry began to change, and digital product offering began to proliferate we developed our proprietary fully integrated back end data system to remain on the industry’s cutting edge.

Now your company can leverage Stamats’ first-hand knowledge, technology and industry leading expertise to get the best results from your audience data.



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  • Audativ is the only company [in the industry] that has integrated back-end, meaning that all of the silos of the products are fully integrated. Stamats can tie together all these loose ends. No other company has this.
    Audativ Client
  • "If the customer wants a fully integrated back-end and fully integrated brand reach report, then Stamats is the company for them."
    Audativ Client
  • Audativ provides us the tools to compete - and then makes that information come to life for our clients and sales-team.
    Audativ Client
  • Tools, technology and database are state of the art and leading edge, and to see the Stamats team do that shows that they are always contemporary.
    Audativ Client
  • "They are fast, flexible, and responsive. They are always prepared and go above and beyond."
    SDM client
  • "'Whoever knows the customer best, wins.' We want to know the customer as best as we can, and SDM helps us do that."
    SDM client

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