Audience Management

For optimized campaign management


Effective audience management gives you the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively reach your customers or leads on a regular basis. Let us show you how to integrate your audience information from all sources into one unified solution, manage this information, and maximize your marketing campaigns.

Unified Data

Centralized data is cost effective and the only way to get accurate reporting.

CRM Integrations

Our extensive CRM integrations accelerate your sales pipeline.

Industry Leading Partnerships

We make list purchases more efficient and less costly through our partner networks.

The data you collect is powerful

The audience data you collect is powerful—yet sometimes difficult to analyze. Separate information silos often segregate key data elements. Stamats Data Management unifies your data into a single database, giving you the ability to quickly and precisely segment your audience, identify trends, and analyze behaviors.

Create custom and targeted profiles, scoring metrics, and identify content or product interests. Utilize Stamats Data Management to respond quickly to opportunities and threats, improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive advantage.


  • Audience Intelligence Mapping

    Integration of your data allows you to accurately understand your audience for further monetization in a way that makes sense. Audience Intelligence offers brands an opportunity to build a defined profile of your audience in order to understand their preferences, habits, and motivations—ultimately the best means to engage and inspire. Use your audience data and audience intelligence to speak directly to your audience.

  • Email Management

    We manage any or all parts of your email initiatives. Monitoring your user not founds, bad domains, hard bounces, and email appends are critical to the success of your campaigns.

    The value of an email across all industries is a minimum of $10. The average cost to acquire an email from online marketing is approximately $60. We’ll maximize your email contacts by removing the noise from your email marketing lists. And, we’ll ensure your email lists comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protocols so there’s little chance of undeliverability.

    We can also manage your email marketing initiatives. Need an email template designed? We can do it. We’ll also work with you to determine the right audiences to target your messages.

  • Data Intelligence and Audit

    Audience contacts decay an incredible 2–3% each month. In only one year, a third of your data could be outdated or invalid without taking steps to keep it current.

    An audit is simply a review of your existing audience data. We’ll analyze your data and assess the quality of it for marketing and lead generating purposes.

    First, we’ll visit with you to get a better understanding of the data: What kind of data are you collecting? How you are using it? How do you want to use it? How fresh is the data? How long do you need to keep it, and how are you storing it?

    Once we’ve established some basics, we’ll do a thorough audit of your audience information. That will determine the deliverability or “cleanliness” of your data. These results will then give us a baseline to work from as we determine the best way to maximize the data you do have.

  • Lead Profiling/Scoring

    Using your data, we can build a detailed profile of your leads and your customers to help you determine if you’re reaching the right audience. Using metrics such as business type, title, company size and more, we can create a picture of who you are reaching to make sure it matches who you want to reach.

    Here’s the scenario: you have a database full of customers, and you market to them like they all have the same value. But do they? Working with you, we’ll determine which touchpoints are most important and create a matrix so you are able to maximize relationships with your best customers. Once we know your “best customer” profile, we’ll send targeted messages to those leads. Why not focus your efforts and budget on those most likely to buy from you?

  • List Brokerage/Data Append

    Target your next personalized marketing campaign with data pinpointing the right contacts. Let us connect you to those hard-to-find decision-makers who are looking to buy your products. We can provide new records that match your target demographics to add to your existing audience list.

    We have access to more than 40,000 B2B and B2C mailing lists and databases. The information can be appended to your contact list to maximize value. If you can think of it, we can probably find the specific information you are looking for.

    An append is simply the process of adding information to audience contacts in your database. Data points such as age, income, or addresses can be added so you’re able to segment, personalize or learn more about these contacts. You can use this pertinent data to better understand demographics of your audience and provide more personalized marketing campaigns. Let us maximize your audience contacts by appending information that narrows down those who are most likely to buy from you.

  • Research/Survey Tabulation

    Our research team has been providing detailed analytics for more than 30 years. Whether you need to determine your brand image, want to test a new product or even looking for new geographic market analysis, we can help.

    Using a comprehensive blend of research techniques, we’ll create a customized plan that will address your specific needs and provide you with relevant, actionable results.

    Surveys can be a relatively easy and inexpensive way to get meaningful information; however, tabulating the results and making sense of them can be a challenge. Whether you are conducting online or paper-based surveys, we can help.

    We’ll gather the results, analyze them and provide a report that puts everything in perspective and makes sense. Then, we’ll explain how you can use this information to maximize your marketing initiatives.

  • Integrated Database

    Our proprietary programming logic allows us to integrate data from separate sources into a fully unified and unduplicated database. This lets you see your audience in a three-dimensional view to quickly and easily understand how your audience is interacting with your brands and channels.

    Multiple databases can lead to duplication of efforts, increased costs and a disorganized presentation to your contacts.

    We’ll collect all your audience data from multiple sources like direct mail, ads, social media, live events, newsletters, webinars, online white paper downloads, email campaigns or even trade shows and integrate it seamlessly into a single database with NO duplications. This makes it easy, efficient and cost-effective to reach these contacts regularly.

  • Consulting

    It may not be your marketing efforts at fault, but rather a database with an excessive amount of undeliverable contacts. This is a common issue we encounter every day. Give us a chance to learn more about your situation. We’ll then ask you the right questions to determine the problem and a solution plan.

  • Data Hygiene

    From standardization to ongoing maintenance, our team is expertly skilled to manage large, complex databases.

    Business data in a well-managed marketing database decays about 2-3% each month, depending on the volatility of your industry. Without proper maintenance to update those records, you could be throwing valuable budget dollars out the window.

    A regular review of your audience data is a quick and easy way to avoid reaching out to undeliverable contacts. We’ll review the information, make necessary updates and get the final contact list back to you in a timely manner. Keep your list clean to ensure you are reaching your target contacts efficiently and economically. Data should be cleansed quarterly at a minimum to ensure maximum performance from your marketing efforts.

    Regardless of how you are using your data, we’ll ensure it is formatted accurately, meets postal regulations, adheres to opt-out requirements and follows all standardization guidelines. We’ll review your data, remove all duplicates and make sure everything is formatted in a consistent manner.






B2B Media

Meetings and Events

Facility Management

Interior Design


Even the best marketing content will be lost on an outdated or unorganized contact list. We’ll help you strategically sort and categorize prospective student data to maximize engagement and optimize your outreach efforts.

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  • Stamats has done great work studying non-matriculated applicants for our university for a number of years.   Their research provides us strong insight into students’ perceptions of our university which in turn allows us to focus our yield efforts.  The fantastic team tailored the research to our brand needs and provided valuable conclusions that shaped our strategy.
     Chuck May
    Director of Admissions, University of Missouri Columbia
  • Healthcare

    All facets of health care marketing should be data-driven—especially direct patient outreach. Connect with us to optimize your contact database. We’ll help you improve communication with prospective and current patients.

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  • Stamats was very responsive to our needs and feedback throughout the engagement.
    Mike Brinich
    Communications and Marketing Director, University of Michigan School of Nursing
  • Retail

    Data might be king in retail marketing, but only when your list is managed strategically. Our audience management solution can help you keep clear, accurate lines of communication with consumers.

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  • It’s really been a miracle given our resources, our timing, and the level of awareness about Cornell Tech. Working with the Stamats team, we were able to deliver an exceptional class at a very reasonable cost per student.
    Christine Sneva
    Senior Director of Enrollment - Cornell Tech
  • B2B Media

    The key to B2B marketing success is clear, data-driven communication. Let us help you strategically segment and update your list to maximize conversions.

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  • Where other agencies saw roadblocks and said ‘no,’ Stamats said ‘yes!’ They worked hard to win our business and worked just as hard throughout the process. Stamats wowed our entire team with their efforts and energy.
    Gene Castellano
    Former Vice President, Advancement & College Relations, Cabrini University
  • Meetings and Events

    No one has time for marketing miscues—especially contact list issues. Optimize your list of meetings and events professionals with our strategic segmentation and list maintenance programs.

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  • …the gold standard company (Stamats Communications, Inc.) in higher education marketing that I have successfully relied upon for over thirty years…
    Norman R. Smith
    President - Elmira College
  • Facility Management

    A clean, up-to-date contact list is your first step to data-driven marketing success. Manage your list of facilities managers with our strategic segmentation and list maintenance programs.

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  • Stamats has been an excellent partner in both creating a brand that truly captures the essence of our district and communicating it in a manner that captivates and makes our stakeholders proud. “They nailed it” is the phrase we heard over and over again as we shared the work of Stamats with our constituents.
    Michelle Gayles
    Chief Strategy Officer - Phoenix Union High School District
  • Interior Design

    The first tenet of A&D marketing is data-driven communication—and it starts with strategic contact list management. Let us help you strategically segment your list to maximize engagement and ROI.

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  • It’s really been a miracle given our resources, our timing, and the level of awareness about Cornell Tech. Working with the Stamats team, we were able to deliver an exceptional class at a very reasonable cost per student.
    Christine Sneva
    Senior Director of Enrollment - Cornell Tech