Branding that Inspires

Tell your story in a way only you can


Much more than logos and taglines, brands are a collection of experiences. When well-crafted and well-managed, your brand should serve as the engine that powers every marketing and recruitment initiative you undertake—immediately defining who you are, communicating your promise, and expressing the value you bring to the world.

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy should be driven by insights: Centering ideas that differentiate your brand in a frantic, clustered marketplace. The result? A brand story and strategic plan that is a seamless mixture of emotion and data—and it’s as authentic as you.

Brand Expression

We bring brands to life across all disciplines, media and platforms. From brand identity and audience research to print and digital creative design, we’ll help you tell your brand story in a way that moves and resonates with your audience.

Creative Development

Turn your branding concepts into a toolbox of brand assets—from logos and fonts to advertising centerpieces and experiential design. Each creative element we create will be finely tuned to amplify the relationship between your audience and your brand.

Branding, Creative & Digital

Stamats consultants, brand strategists, and marketing experts work with colleges and universities across the country. Additional consultants bring their expertise to other industries, especially in content marketing.

Behind the scenes, Stamats marshals its creative forces within Studio S. Graphic designers, writers, UX designers, digital strategists, developers, and content strategists play as a team to make what is complex or abstract come to life. The external face for these skills is our higher ed services group.

Thorburn helps brands tell their stories. With clients that range from consumer brands to media giants to brand-forward colleges and universities, Thorburn has the heart for any creative challenge.