Information is power. Properly applied, market research can be transformational—reshaping the way you recruit, communicate, design academic programs, and thrive in an increasingly competitive world. It’s time to move beyond opinion and hunches. Build a better strategy with solid market research.

How We Can Help

Academic Program Demand Assessment

Build a robust suite of academic programs that are in demand and distinct from your competitors. Let our academic program assessment identify the strengths and opportunities within your current portfolio and measure program equity.

New Academic Program Assessment

Your institution’s strongest competitive advantage is its array of high-quality, in-demand academic programs. With Stamats’ new academic program assessment, you can use the power of data to plan and develop programs, choose the right delivery formats, and shape more effective marketing strategies.

New Market Identification and Analysis

In a marketplace that’s always evolving, insight is foresight. Whether you want to grow demand for current programs or add new ones, we can pinpoint, analyze, and rank markets with the most potential.

Environmental and Marketplace Scans

Success starts with a thorough understanding of the market forces around you. Stamats’ environmental and marketplace scan reveals important economic changes, demographic shifts, technological innovations, and competitive challenges—insights that can help you seize new opportunities and shape more effective marketing strategies.

Competitive Positioning

Developing a stronger market position requires knowledge of the competitive environment and a clear understanding of the strengths that separate you from the pack. Let our team help you identify the competitive advantages your school can own and sustain in the marketplace.

Image and Perception Study

Perception is power. Peer inside the minds of your most important constituents to better understand how they view your institution, how you stack up to competitors, why prospective students did (or didn’t) choose you, and whose opinion wields the greatest influence in the college selection process.

Non-Inquiry, Non-Applicant, and Non-Matriculant Study

Empower your marketing, recruitment, and retention strategies with a clear understanding of why prospective students don’t inquire, apply, or enroll. A fundamental component of smart market research, this study provides valuable insights into the decision-making process of today’s learners.

Tuition Pricing Elasticity Study

Use data to model how changes in tuition will impact market share and net tuition revenue. Stamats’ tuition pricing elasticity study identifies the price threshold at which students and families balk and clarifies how your school’s position in the marketplace influences students’ willingness to pay.

Brand Marketing Study

Develop a deeper understanding of how your brand lives in the world. With an eye toward strategic opportunities, we’ll evaluate your institution’s internal and external brand marketing materials including its graphic identity system, digital assets, social media channels, and printed collateral.