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A Landscape of Change

June 7, 2023

- In the dynamic decade of 1983-1993, Stamats Communications navigated a landscape of change with a focus on exploring new strategies. Recognizing the importance of adaptability, the company embarked on a ...

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Who’s Not Coming to the Party and Why? Tips to Attract Attention from Non-Engagers

June 1, 2023

- When we create a communication plan, our brains work through scenarios of progress. One step leads to another and then another. At the end of the funnel, it’s obviously smaller ...

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Universal Analytics Data to be Removed in 2024, Should You Be Worried?

May 3, 2023

- On July 1st of 2023, Google’s Universal Analytics will stop collecting website data and Google Analytics 4 will take over. Universal Analytics accounts will remain open with access to all ...

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Creating Audience-Focused Content

April 28, 2023

- In April, I had the opportunity to present at NACCDO-PAMN Annual Conference with Michael Schug from Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center. Our presentation covered the challenges ...

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We’re fascinated by taglines


We created the higher education tagline repository as a resource for our clients and friends who have taglines they want to lay claim to or are researching preexisting taglines during the creative process to make sure an idea isn’t already taken. The repository is not intended to be the final word on who has what tagline.

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