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The Importance of Ownership

June 23, 2021

- Once, while preparing for a seminar on strategic planning, I came across an article on why strategic plans and planning initiatives often fail. One of the primary reasons, it appears, ...

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10 Tips to Master Content Migration

June 16, 2021

- You’ve made it through all the content planning, strategy meetings, and back and forth. Now your website CMS is tested and ready to be filled with your actionable, relevant content. ...

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In Response: A Short Letter from Your President to Your Chief Marketing Officer

June 15, 2021

- Thank you for your recent letter. I do appreciate the thought that went into your comments and appreciate, too, the candor and sincerity with which they were presented. Like you, ...

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Get Defensive: How to Reduce Your School’s Exposure to Cyberattacks

June 10, 2021

- From JBS and the Colonial Pipeline, to Des Moines Area Community College, recent security incidents demonstrate that cyberattacks can happen to organizations of all types and sizes. Specifically, the recent ...

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