Visionaries see no barriers
Only what could be.
They ask what if and why not.
Answered by let's try.
They see the invisible.
What do you see?

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Stamats creates business value by building strong and enduring relationships between companies and their customers.

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12 Important Things: Rethinking Your Idea of Strategy

January 15, 2021

- This is the first blog in a series on the 12 most important things I now know about marketing that I wish I knew when I started my career. This ...

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8 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

January 14, 2021

- Frequently in our work, we see businesses and organizations taking a “set and forget it approach” to their websites. It’s easy to understand; the digital world is about convenience, after all. But ...

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Lowering the Cost to Recruit a Student

January 6, 2021

- I recently read a report that outlined the cost to recruiting students for different  types of  institutions.    One of the things that intrigued me was the note that private colleges are ...

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14 Resolutions for the Chief Strategist

December 29, 2020

- As we sit on the cusp of 2021, it is good to be reminded that sound strategy is more important than ever. With that in mind, here are 14 resolutions ...

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