Visionaries see no barriers
Only what could be.
They ask what if and why not.
Answered by let's try.
They see the invisible.
What do you see?

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Stamats creates business value by building strong and enduring relationships between companies and their customers.

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Making LinkedIn Conversation Ads Work for Your School

April 20, 2021

- In spite of so much upheaval from Covid-19, 2020 was a year of innovation. And one of my favorite innovations is LinkedIn Conversation Ads. The new tool allows advertisers to ...

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Voice of the Customer in Higher Education: Alumni Voices

April 20, 2021

- In my last post, I was exploring the concept of who the customers are in higher education. Students, parents, alumni, and even society at large were all identified. All of ...

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Why You Must Measure the Return on Your Marketing Investment

April 19, 2021

- Part 11 of 12: What I Wish I Knew as a New Marketer I want to let you in on a little secret. The best way to gain internal credibility ...

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How to Create Successful News Stories for Your Organization

April 19, 2021

- You know your organization has unique stories and people that should be highlighted and shared. The challenge, in this age of information overload and seemingly infinite choice, is standing out ...

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