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Only what could be.
They ask what if and why not.
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They see the invisible.
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Stamats creates business value by building strong and enduring relationships between companies and their customers.

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The 5 Disciplines of mROI

June 11, 2020

- Chances are high that one of the biggest challenges you face each day is how to allocate scant resources. And while this challenge is likely institution wide, it is particularly ...

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Articles, Higher Ed, Research

5 Essential Research Studies

June 10, 2020

- Sherlock Holmes once said, “You can’t make bricks without clay.” The “clay” that many of us need these days is data; a clearer understanding of the students we want to ...

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Options for Measuring Brand Equity

June 5, 2020

- One of the biggest challenges facing today’s college marketers is the need to continually measure how their brand strategies are impacting their overall brand equity. This measurement is important for ...

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Why Research, Why Now, and Three Studies You Should Undertake Immediately

May 31, 2020

- Too often, research is relegated to the categories of “when we have time”, or “when we have the money.” Today’s dynamic and uncertain marketplace, however, suggests that this is an ...

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