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6 Signs Your Brand Is Failing Your Institution

January 14, 2022

- Let’s begin with a self-test: Is your cost to recruit a student going up? Are you more worried about getting the class than shaping the class? Have you become their ...

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Articles, General, Higher Ed

Micro-Credentialing and Short-Term Certificates Insights

January 6, 2022

- If you are in higher education, micro-credentialing is likely on your current roadmap or 2022 plan. This is one of the hottest topics right now for our clients and for ...

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Three Tips to Determine ROI

December 28, 2021

- One of the most important calculations you can make as a marketer is determining the marketing ROI of specific, as well as global, activities: Quantifying what works and what doesn’t.   ...

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The Positive Impact of Art in the Workplace

December 17, 2021

- Sparse and sterile workspaces get a lot of good press these days. The common logic goes something like this: By minimizing distractions, offices are more likely to be hubs of ...

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