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1963-1973: The Decade of Transition

August 14, 2023

- From 1963 to 1972, not only did Stamats Publishing Company navigate a major leadership change, but also transitioned beyond their identity as a printing and publishing company. With changes in ...

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Articles, Higher Ed, Research

Opportunities and Challenges Facing Business Schools

August 4, 2023

- Business schools are facing some of the same challenges as higher education institutions overall—a declining number of traditional high school students entering college, surges in specialized skills, and a post-pandemic ...

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Articles, Higher Ed

SCOTUS Ruling on Affirmative Action—Questions to Ponder, Actions to Take

July 6, 2023

- Following the recent Supreme Court ruling on race-conscious admissions, universities are reevaluating policies and communicating with stakeholders. This ruling has implications for many institutions dedicated to diversity and inclusion, necessitating ...

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Best Free or Cheap Keyword Research Tools

July 5, 2023

- This list blends the reliable with the quirky. Always start with your SERP—learn to interpret the predictive typing tools, the “people also ask” results, and the results themselves. Add some ...

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We’re fascinated by taglines


We created the higher education tagline repository as a resource for our clients and friends who have taglines they want to lay claim to or are researching preexisting taglines during the creative process to make sure an idea isn’t already taken. The repository is not intended to be the final word on who has what tagline.

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