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The Role of Storytelling in Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategy

May 9, 2022

- The past two years were a pinnacle of storytelling. When many of us were avoiding casual encounters, we relied on stories from trusted institutions and brands to get information and ...

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Empowered Enrollment: Making the Most of Multigenerational Teams 

May 5, 2022

- The 2022 NAGAP GEM (Graduate Enrollment Management) Summit was held in Chicago and wrapped up on April 23. This year’s conference focused on a crucial and timely theme: Change Management.   ...

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Use a Market Research Brief for Better Research

May 4, 2022

- One of the best ways to achieve maximum value when conducting market research involves using a research brief. Like its cousin, the creative brief, a market research brief details the ...

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A Better Mousetrap: WebP Image Format and Why It Matters for your Website

May 2, 2022

- There’s one component of your website that’s most responsible for the slow load times that could be spiking your bounce rate and driving customers away. But it’s not songs by ...

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