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Stamats creates business value by building strong and enduring relationships between companies and their customers.

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Program Decision Tree: A Tool to Select the Appropriate Digital Strategy

September 30, 2022

- Most colleges and universities have multiple programs competing for new students. As a marketing team, it can be hard to know where to allocate funds. Decision trees are an effective ...

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Avoid Overcomplicated Content: 4 Tips to Simplify Your Writing

September 28, 2022

- Overcomplicating projects is human nature. And as a busy marketer with a million tasks on your mind, the tendency to write the hard way often overrides content best practices. We’ve ...

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Google Business Profile Q & A

September 9, 2022

- Last month, we hosted a webinar on Google Business Profiles (GBP) and the engagement was so high, we knew it was a topic with a lot of questions. As a ...

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Conversations Between Co-Workers: Celebrating 25 Years at Stamats

September 1, 2022

- Q & A Session with Nancy Patrick, Account Manager In the vibrant world of marketing and higher education, the only constant is swift and continuous change. Nancy Patrick recently celebrated ...

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