Visionaries see no barriers
Only what could be.
They ask what if and why not.
Answered by let's try.
They see the invisible.
What do you see?

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Stamats creates business value by building strong and enduring relationships between companies and their customers.

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The Best Ad Ever 2.0

October 22, 2020

- Some of you may know Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Stamats’ hometown, was hit by a derecho on August 10th. A derecho is basically an inland hurricane. We had sustained winds well above 120 MPH ...

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Articles, General, Higher Ed, Planning

The Recruiting Four Step

October 20, 2020

- Many years ago, the Green Bay Packers lost a game they shouldn’t have.  According to legend, their coach, Vince Lombardi, told the team on the Monday morning following the loss, that it was time to get back to ...

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Articles, General, Higher Ed, Planning

10 Steps to the Best Possible Plans

September 30, 2020

- Fluctuating marketplace dynamics mean that many colleges are scrambling to rewrite existing plans.  Before you put pen to paper, however, we’d like to share 10 hard-won planning lessons we’ve learned from helping hundreds of colleges ...

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Articles, General, Higher Ed, Planning

Your Chief Academic Officer is Really Your Chief Marketing Officer in Disguise

September 23, 2020

- We have long made the case that a differentiated and valued curriculum is your single most important marketing asset. In other words, while there are four Ps in play, one ...

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