Audativ Stamats Audience Intelligence

Stamats has a proven, storied history with data management and audience strategies. The Audativ database platform was built by marketing veterans and forward-thinking data experts to help you efficiently and cost-effectively stay engaged with your audiences. Protect your audience data, achieve your goals, and gain a higher profitability with
Stamats Audience Intelligence.


Stamats Makes New Audience Management Acquisition

We Know Audiences.

Comprehensive Database Platform

Integrate and analyze all sources of audience data using a single powerful and sophisticated platform.

Audience Management

From strategy to development and management, execute data-driven initiatives with a deeper level of confidence and success.

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Data Services

Experienced professionals will support all of your data-related needs to keep your audiences working for you.

Harness your data’s true power

The audience data you collect is powerful, yet sometimes difficult to analyze. Information silos often segregate key data elements. The Audativ platform unifies your data into a single, database, giving you the ability to quickly and precisely segment your audience, identify trends, execute campaigns, profile, and analyze behaviors.


We offer a full suite of audience/data related services and strategies to help you enhance your customers’ journey, promote engagement, identify opportunities and threats, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage.


Client Quote: “Audativ builds confidence with their professional and methodical approach.”


  • Comprehensive Database Platform

    See your audience in a whole new light. Data integration allows you to accurately understand your audiences, speak to their needs, and drive monetization. Audativ provides:

    ■ Full dashboard access to all of your audiences; easily create queries for reporting or data exporting.
    ■ A single, unified view of all audience touchpoints and engagement.

  • Audience Management

    Get to know your audiences on a deeper level―and use that intelligence to drive stronger response. Stamats can help. Our services include:

    ■ Management, marketing, development, fulfillment
    ■ Subscriber renewals
    ■ New audience acquisition
    ■ De-dupe/data quality
    ■ Demo profiling/scoring
    ■ Engagement/intelligence
    ■ Duplication analysis

  • Data Services

    Keep your audiences engaged and working for you. To help, Stamats offers management and consulting services for all data-related needs including:

    ■ Demo and data appending
    ■ Data hygiene/integrity
    ■ Data processing/customer service
    ■ Postal/email privacy guidelines
    ■ List brokerage
    ■ Email cleansing
    ■ Duplication analysis


  • Fulfillment

    Choose the level of service you need. We can provide everything from full service audience development to audience fulfillment and database management. Services include:

    ■ Data processing
    ■ Electronic labeling for magazine distribution
    ■ Collaborating with product team and printer
    ■ Ensuring postal regulation compliance
    Customer service
    ■ Monthly issue reporting/audience galley

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Your contact information can reveal a lot. However, without accurate reports pulled directly from your data, it’s virtually impossible to understand demographics, trends and other factors that influence buying habits.

    Easy-to-read reports generated on your custom criteria will assist you in making better decisions to improve your lead-generating efforts.

  • Data Audits

    Regular audits allow companies to maintain the highest level of audience data confidence. We’ll examine your data to assess the impact on your marketing and lead generating initiatives.

    Audits begin with a good understanding of your current data protocol and data health rating. We’ll work together to define the best data maintenance plan for your marketing needs.

  • Email Management

    Stamats can manage all of your email and marketing initiatives. We’ll maximize your email contacts by removing noise from your email lists. To improve deliverability, we’ll make sure your lists comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protocols and other email laws.

    And don’t worry about system compatibility; Audativ easily integrates with any external email service provider.