Digital Innovations

Create connections between people, places, and experiences


Audience-inspired experiences are the backbone of digital success. We focus on crafting human- and UX-centered journeys personalized through multiple touchpoints and interactions. Stamats’ strategies are optimized for each unique pathway and for overall performance.

Nationally recognized team

Your Stamats team is comprised of tenured, nationally recognized strategists who excel in the latest approaches to user experience, SEO, content strategy, site governance, and more.

CRM Integration

Maximize your investments in brand, technology, and people. Partner with us to connect your audiences with content, experts, and solutions – at the right time and through the proper channels.

Attribution and ROI Framework

Savvy marketers rely on attribution to track and prove online and offline ROI. This next-level strategy offers real-time visual insights into what’s working and where to focus your marketing resources, efforts, and time to maximize results.

Relationships that drive results

Cross-trained Stamats specialists craft competitive and brand specific strategies with constant optimization. With an accelerated pace, your dedicated audience management, content, research and digital experts will collaborate with you to create and implement advanced, user-focused journeys.


  • Strategy

    Search engine marketing, social media, digital campaigns, analytics—each offers unique benefits. Digital strategy ties it all together. Partner with us to leverage the full power of your ever-evolving digital channels.

  • Governance

    Web governance is the suite of processes successful organizations implement to keep their digital properties working for them. Let us help you develop a framework that empowers teams to be accountable for site health and systematically aligns your tools and budget to ensure an effective digital footprint.

  • SEO

    In today’s voice- and search-driven world, your content is only as valuable as its level of search engine optimization (SEO). Our writers and strategists can help your team articulate stories online that engage users and draw relevant eyes to your website from search.

  • SEM

    Searchability directly affects brand awareness, recruitment, fundraising, and countless other essential activities. Our team will help articulate and refine your advertising goals to develop a custom search engine marketing (SEM) strategy that delivers results.

  • Digital Display Ads

    Stand out from the crowd—display ads are an effective, user-centric technique to reach people who are hungry for your content and solutions. From strategy and ad creation to geotargeting and media placement, we’ll help you manage every step of the process.

  • Social Media

    Your audience is talking—join the conversation. Implement a social listening strategy or competitor analysis to find out what people love about your organization and what can be improved. Partner with our strategists to deliver the brand and content messaging your audiences are asking for at just the right time.

  • Google Analytics

    Collecting data has never been easier—you need an expert to help interpret and move your data-driven strategies forward. Collaborate with our certified analysts to identify metrics, create custom digital dashboards, and wow stakeholders with real-time data that drives results.

  • Personalization and Engagement Plans

    Today’s digital users expect custom site experiences——but too many organizations “do personalization” without a solid strategy. Collaborate with Stamats to design and implement an actionable, journey-based personalization strategy. We’ll help connect your site users with relevant next steps in an action-based engagement plan to drives real results.

  • Nurture Campaigns

    Successful marketing is all about relationships—maximize your connections with leads through an advanced nurturing campaign. Partner with Stamats to endear leads to your brand by delivering relevant, actionable content throughout the user journey. From the first sign of interest to conversion and beyond, we’ll help you define your goals, choose the perfect channels, and develop engaging messaging that drives results.

  • Competitive Research

    Get a temperature check on how your brand performs compared to the competition. Our research staff can help you determine what competitors are doing well, what you’re doing better, and how audiences perceive your brand amongst the crowd. We’ll deliver expert recommendations to help you gain a competitive edge.



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B2B Media

Meetings and Events

Facility Mgmt

Interior Design


Prospective students have options—give them a unique digital journey that differentiates your site and brand from the competition. From site personalization and gamification to engagement and nurturing plans, Stamats can help you connect with your audience and build relationships that drive business results.

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  • The team at Stamats are amazing to work with! Their level of expertise in the industry coupled with their excellent customer service and friendly demeanor have made our project a success and my interactions with them a joy. I would recommended them to any college looking for cutting-edge ideas and strong team relationships.

    Associate Dean of Admissions - Gonzaga University
  • Healthcare

    Today, patients have healthcare options. Provider and brand relationships—online and offline—can make all the difference. Partner with Stamats to provide a custom site experience that reflects the warm, streamlined journey they can expect under your care. From site personalization to engaging lead nurture programs, our strategists can help you improve the digital user experience and acquire new patients.

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  • Stamats was very responsive to our needs and feedback throughout the engagement.
    Mike Brinich
    Communications and Marketing Director, University of Michigan School of Nursing
  • Retail

    Today’s consumers are digital natives—they expect a custom digital journey that differentiates your site and brand from the competition. From engagement plans and nurture programs to site personalization and gamification, let us help you connect with your audience and build relationships that drive real business results.

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  • I have concluded that the most valuable partnerships are ones in which the firm insists on a clear definition of the problem the institution is trying to solve, a thoughtful (not off-the shelf) approach to solutions that are unique for the circumstances and institutional market position, the will to listen to input from the institution, the courage to make recommendations or challenge conventions from a well-grounded empirical base and in a timely manner.
    Joseph P. Bagnoli, Ph.D.
    Vice-President for Enrollment Dean of Admission & Financial Aid, Grinnell College
  • B2B Media

    Many of your prospective buyers are digitally savvy. They expect a digital experience that’s easy to navigate and that differentiates your brand from competitors. Partner with Stamats to design and implement personalization strategies, lead nurturing programs, and trackable metrics to connect with your audience and drive real-time results.

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  • …the gold standard company (Stamats Communications, Inc.) in higher education marketing that I have successfully relied upon for over thirty years…
    Norman R. Smith
    President - Elmira College
  • Meetings and Events

    Meetings and events professionals rely on digital sources for bookings, venue research, and more. Partner with Stamats to assess your site and recommend the latest, most effective personalization and engagement strategies to improve user experiences and deliver measurable results.

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  • Stamats has been an excellent partner in both creating a brand that truly captures the essence of our district and communicating it in a manner that captivates and makes our stakeholders proud. “They nailed it” is the phrase we heard over and over again as we shared the work of Stamats with our constituents.
    Michelle Gayles
    Chief Strategy Officer - Phoenix Union High School District
  • Facility Management

    Today’s facilities managers are increasingly tech-savvy, and they expect your site to be clear, effective, and personalized. Collaborate with us to build personalized strategies and trackable metrics that improve the user experience and brand engagement.

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  • …the gold standard company (Stamats Communications, Inc.) in higher education marketing that I have successfully relied upon for over thirty years…
    Norman R. Smith
    President - Elmira College
  • Interior Design

    Today’s commercial designers and architects need instant access to your innovative solutions—and they expect a streamlined user experience when they visit your site. Partner with Stamats to design custom digital experiences that endear A&Ds to your brand and deliver real business results.

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  • We needed very specifically to figure out what more we could do to increase our reputation in the state and the region. They understood our unique needs, were incredibly responsive, pushed us when we needed to be pushed, helped us avoid some political minefields, and really gave us what we needed. We were so impressed.
    Dr. Robert D. Mc Caig
    Vice President for Enrollment, Monmouth University