Customized Research Design

Conducted at the highest level of confidence


Stamats adheres to the most rigorous standards when conducting market research to give you the highest level of decision-making confidence. Blending custom design with detailed analysis and transparent processes, our projects will equip you with relevant, actionable results.

Customized Design

Stamats researchers design custom programs for each project from a combination of proven methodologies.

Dynamic Collaboration

From stakeholder interviews to moderating online panel discussions, we partner with you and your key audiences to get results.

Innovative and Sound Methodologies

We reinvent traditional research strategies to deliver a unique, holistic perspective on your current state, plus actionable recommendations for next steps.

Research Methods

  • Qualitative research (interviews, focus groups, bulletin boards, and more)
  • Quantitative surveys (web, telephone, mail, panel, and mobile)
  • Secondary research or desk research using client data, metadata, or external data sources (IPEDS, Census, and more)
  • Labor analytics using real-time job postings data to identify demand, skills, and employers for specific career tracks


  • Qualitative Research

    To understand the emotions and motivators of your audience, qualitative research is the place to begin. Partner with us to lead research that will explore your audiences’ journey with your brand, services, or products. Our moderators conduct thorough interviews, lead deep-dive focus groups, and engage online communities to deliver authentic, relevant results and strategic recommendations for next steps.

  • Quantitative Research

    Validating audience opinions and perceptions among a robust sample is critical to support your business decisions. Our researchers design and execute customized quantitative surveys to tap into audiences’ perceptions, following the highest standards. Supplementary data analysis conducted by our experts through secondary sources (i.e., CRM data, databases) also confirms past audience behaviors and compliments opinion-based surveys.

  • Brand Perception Study

    Brand perception research at Stamats begins with a deep dive into all that defines your brand today. Our researchers explore perceptions and attitudes among your key audiences, assess your competitive environment, and uncover insights into what makes your brand truly special. Our approach uses qualitative methods to capture critical insights from your most ardent supporters and quantitative methods to validate those findings. The result is a robust and in-depth understanding of the current state of brand perceptions among your key audiences. This essential component to the brand positioning process will set the direction for developing a laser-sharp brand strategy.

  • Pricing Elasticity Study

    Using choice-task survey techniques with several attributes and price levels, a pricing elasticity study is a powerful research approach that allows businesses to model how changes in the price of a product or service will impact consumer preferences. Instrumental to modeling sensitivity to price changes, this sophisticated technique applies to higher education tuition pricing, consumer brands, and business services and products of all kinds. Connect with our research experts to learn where your pricing threshold lies.

  • Academic Program Demand Assessment

    How is your academic program positioned in the marketplace? What enrollment potential does it have for the future? Conduct a Current Academic Program Demand Assessment to obtain a detailed review of demand, marketability, and growth potential of your current offerings. Test potential new programs you’re considering through a New Academic Program Demand Assessment that will unveil demand, viability, and distinction against existing competitors. Our research experts provide sound, data-driven counsel to help your institution improve or adjust academic programs to increase enrollment. Stamats will also utilize labor data analytics to match your programs to in-demand job titles and skills. Ensure your academic programs are career-ready and highly desirable within today’s job market.

  • Enrollment Analysis

    Institutional enrollment and recruitment dynamics provide the foundation for uncovering and identifying opportunities that will convert interest among prospective students into actual enrollment. Partner with Stamats to infuse potential growth opportunities with industry expertise.

  • New Markets Analysis

    Marketing—and identification of expansion markets in particular—is most effective and efficient when efforts are highly-focused on populations exhibiting distinct characteristics. By studying demographic, behavior, and financial factors of your current audiences, Stamats will highlight the elements that correlate with success and guide you through applying this insight to your marketing strategies.



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Inform your brand, marketing, and recruitment decisions. Collaborate with our education-focused research experts to gain insights about your institution, brand, stakeholders, influencers, and academic program demand.

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  • In their work with Ramapo, I found Stamats to be unlike other consultants in that they truly understand the world of marketing and branding, but more importantly for a college campus, understands how to frame and deliver the results to a variety of campus constituents.
    Chris Romano
    Associate VP of Enrollement Management, Ramapo College of New Jersey
  • Healthcare

    Decision-making in healthcare requires critical consideration of factors that directly affect the lives of patients and providers. Collaborate with our healthcare-focused research team to determine patient and community perceptions surrounding your marketing initiatives; effectiveness of your patient care approaches; and results directly related to your strategic goals.

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  • Stamats was very responsive to our needs and feedback throughout the engagement.
    Mike Brinich
    Communications and Marketing Director, University of Michigan School of Nursing
  • Retail

    What do consumers think about your products and services? How do they feel about your brand? Our retail experts will conduct market research to find out how to improve your perception in the market.

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  • It’s really been a miracle given our resources, our timing, and the level of awareness about Cornell Tech. Working with the Stamats team, we were able to deliver an exceptional class at a very reasonable cost per student.
    Christine Sneva
    Senior Director of Enrollment - Cornell Tech
  • B2B Media

    Are you reaching the right audience, with the right message at the right time? Collaborate with our B2B research team to find out what professionals know about your brand, products, and services. Explore opportunities to expand your market share.

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  • Stamats has been an excellent partner in both creating a brand that truly captures the essence of our district and communicating it in a manner that captivates and makes our stakeholders proud. “They nailed it” is the phrase we heard over and over again as we shared the work of Stamats with our constituents.
    Michelle Gayles
    Chief Strategy Officer - Phoenix Union High School District
  • Facilities Management

    What factors are important to facility managers and building owners in your product or service category? How do they perceive your brand? Our market research experts will help you uncover opportunities for improvement.

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  • …the gold standard company (Stamats Communications, Inc.) in higher education marketing that I have successfully relied upon for over thirty years…
    Norman R. Smith
    President - Elmira College
  • Meetings & Events

    What do professional planners think about your venue, destination and brand? Partner with our market research experts to strategically guide your efforts to achieve your business and branding goals.

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  • It’s really been a miracle given our resources, our timing, and the level of awareness about Cornell Tech. Working with the Stamats team, we were able to deliver an exceptional class at a very reasonable cost per student.
    Christine Sneva
    Senior Director of Enrollment - Cornell Tech
  • Interior Design

    How do architects and commercial designers feel about your products and services? How do they engage with your brand? Conduct a market research study with our researchers to optimize your appeal with these influencers and improve your market share.

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  • We needed very specifically to figure out what more we could do to increase our reputation in the state and the region. They understood our unique needs, were incredibly responsive, pushed us when we needed to be pushed, helped us avoid some political minefields, and really gave us what we needed. We were so impressed.
    Dr. Robert D. Mc Caig
    Vice President for Enrollment, Monmouth University