Demand Generation

Attracting qualified leads that convert to revenue

Demand More: Respect Your MROI

Demand generation drives revenue by capturing the attention and interest of targeted prospects and then nurturing them through the sales pipeline. This strategy makes the most of every investment you have made in brand, technology, and people. We can scale a program to ft your needs, from planning and placing digital media to leveraging your in-house resources and optimizing existing content. Driving attention, interest, and engagement builds closer relationships between prospects and your organization, breaks down the walls between marketing and sales, and lets you optimize every aspect of your campaigns. The result: increased lead velocity and greater propensity to convert inquiries to sales.

Brand-Focused Conversions

Demand gen segments your audience based on their actions, helping you reach them with the right messaging at the right time in their conversion journey.

Cultivating Engagement

When you deliver brand messaging that excites and engages consumers, you turn prospects into loyal brand advocates in a natural way.

Continual Optimization

We’ll constantly monitor your program to see what’s working and make updates to improve areas of opportunity.

Our Proven Process

A full demand funnel is an engagement map that collects data early in the engagement process to personalize a more targeted and cost-effective campaign.

  • Campaign sequence map and data strategy
  • Campaign content strategy
  • Promotion plan
  • Creating or optimizing campaign assets
  • A/B testing
  • Optimization and monitoring

Our proven process helps you connect with prospects at every point in the conversion funnel. Check out our Demand Strategist e-newsletter for timely tips and insights to help achieve your business goals.


  • Readiness Assessment

    Is your organization ready for a rush of ready-to-convert leads? Demand generation programs require the right people, tools, and goals. Partner with us to determine what’s ready to rock and what areas need to be fine-tuned to launch a successful outreach program.

  • Full Demand Funnel

    Demand generation delivers leads at every point in the conversion journey. Take advantage of our suite of services, including campaign and content strategy, asset creation, implementation, and analytics. We’ll help you generate and engage leads from brand awareness through conversion.

  • Demand Generation Strategy

    The days of spray-and-pray email marketing are over. Launch an integrated demand generation program with a detailed communication and implementation strategy. Our experts will collaborate with you from planning through creative, promotion, and beyond.



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Higher Ed



B2B Media

Meetings and Events

Facility Mgmt

Interior Design

Higher Education

Demand generation is more than lead gen. It’s a dynamic communication system that captures students’ interest as they start searching for their ideal college or university. We personalize your strategy and every messaging touch point to drive applications and increase enrollment.

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  • In their work with Ramapo, I found Stamats to be unlike other consultants in that they truly understand the world of marketing and branding, but more importantly for a college campus, understands how to frame and deliver the results to a variety of campus constituents.
    Chris Romano
    Associate VP of Enrollement Management, Ramapo College of New Jersey
  • Healthcare

    In healthcare, relationships matter. Demand generation connects patients with providers and organizations in a proactive, thoughtful way. Through strategically planned and crafted messaging, demand gen transforms prospective patients into engaged patients.

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  • Stamats was very responsive to our needs and feedback throughout the engagement.
    Mike Brinich
    Communications and Marketing Director, University of Michigan School of Nursing
  • Retail

    Demand generation is a robust lead gen program that captures interest before people become prospects. Beyond qualifying leads, demand gen harnesses the power of brand marketing to forge, strong, measurable relationships with consumers at all levels of the conversion funnel.

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  • Stamats presents no obstacles. They’re Fast, Flexible, Responsive, Innovative, and Dependable.

  • B2B Media

    Prospects are hungry for your products – but they can only buy if they know about you. Demand generation delivers on-point marketing messages at just the right time. Reach a targeted audience of professionals at any point in the B2B buyer journey and turn high-quality leads into brand-loyal buyers.

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  • "They are fast, flexible, and responsive. They are always prepared and go above and beyond."
    SDM client
  • Meetings and Events

    Hot new event center? Trendy meetings destination? Planners around the world are always looking for the best venues. Demand generation can help you attract the right events, from intimate corporate meetings to large scale conferences. Collaborate with us to drive bookings through on-point, perfectly time demand gen messaging.

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  • Where other agencies saw roadblocks and said ‘no,’ Stamats said ‘yes!’ They worked hard to win our business and worked just as hard throughout the process. Stamats wowed our entire team with their efforts and energy.
    Gene Castellano
    Former Vice President, Advancement & College Relations, Cabrini University
  • Facility Management

    Facilities managers need your innovative, functional solutions – and demand generation can help you drive sales. Let us help you turn prospects into purchasers with a smart, perfectly-timed marketing communication plan.

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  • I have concluded that the most valuable partnerships are ones in which the firm insists on a clear definition of the problem the institution is trying to solve, a thoughtful (not off-the shelf) approach to solutions that are unique for the circumstances and institutional market position, the will to listen to input from the institution, the courage to make recommendations or challenge conventions from a well-grounded empirical base and in a timely manner.
    Joseph P. Bagnoli, Ph.D.
    Vice-President for Enrollment Dean of Admission & Financial Aid, Grinnell College
  • Interior Design

    Architects and designers crave creative inspiration balanced with functionality. Demand generation connects A&Ds with your innovative products through well-timed, on-point messaging. Let us help you turn leads into brand-loyal buyers with a smart and savvy marketing communication program.

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  • Stamats presents no obstacles. They’re Fast, Flexible, Responsive, Innovative, and Dependable.

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