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Stamats Hires Top Content Marketer Mariah Obiedzinski to Expand Service Offerings

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Content marketing has become a must-have component of successful digital marketing strategies across all industries, but it poses two problems for institutions of all sizes: There’s limited time to do it, and limited expertise in ever-changing best practices.

As more clients ask for actionable, conversion-centered content, Stamats is prepared to heed the call. In December 2018, Mariah Obiedzinski joined the Stamats team as Director of Content Services to expand web content creation services at Stamats and help develop and launch a new content marketing program.

Mariah has a decade of digital strategy experience, having helped small-to-enterprise clients achieve millions of revenue-generating pageviews through engaging, actionable content marketing techniques. She is a nationally recognized expert in the content marketing industry. “Relevant, actionable content—from the words and headings to videos, podcasts, images, and calls-to-action— is a win-win for organizations and site visitors,” Mariah said. “When properly executed, content marketing can drive upwards of 50 percent of total web traffic, resulting in substantial return on investment and user satisfaction.”

Peter Stamats, CEO, says Mariah’s addition is a strategic growth opportunity for Stamats. “We have always been founded in content and publishing. The future is digital, and we are adjusting our content delivery strategies to support growing client demand. So far, our clients are extremely pleased with their results.”

Content Marketing at Stamats

For the last decade, Mariah has provided content expertise and digital project management to clients ranging from independent organizations to national academic institutions. “Effective content governance and content marketing is about meeting people where they are with a clear, useful, measurable user experience. What hinders most organizations is how to marry these concepts while maintaining an optimal publication and distribution process — that’s what Stamats will provide.”

At Stamats, Mariah will collaborate with Chief Content Engagement Director, Christoph Trappe, to grow a data-driven, conversion-centric content marketing program. Christoph said, “Mariah is a recognized content marketing expert who always puts the client’s needs and goals first. She will certainly help our clients across industries take their content marketing programs up a notch and drive business results.”

“The progressive attitudes of the team members at Stamats is remarkable,” Mariah adds. “For such a tenured, respected company to venture into a new enterprise content marketing program is thrilling and humbling all at once. I’m eager for the opportunities with this program in 2019.”

More than 70 percent of all higher education institutes have partnered with Stamats over the years. In 2019, Stamats will increase its content services and content marketing offerings in higher education, as well as strategically expand into additional B2B markets.

About Mariah Obiedzinski

Mariah is a two-time presenter at the international Content Marketing World conference. Her areas of expertise include content conversion strategy, integrated digital strategy social media, writing and editing, and interviewing for blogs, podcasts, videos, and webinar. She holds two BAs from Mount Mercy University.  

Twitter: @mariahwrites

LinkedIn: Click here

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