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Stamats Communications Celebrates 100 Years of Marketing Innovation and Excellence

Bill Stamats

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Cedar Rapids, IA, [March 6], 2023: Stamats Communications, Inc. is proud to announce the celebration of our 100-year anniversary. Founded in 1923, Stamats has grown from a small publishing company to a leading full-service digital marketing and research agency with a national reputation for excellence.

The company’s success is rooted in its commitment to providing innovative solutions to clients in select industries, including higher education, healthcare, and business-to-business publishing.

“We have been able to establish and maintain tremendous personal relationships with our clients over the years,” said Peter Stamats, President and CEO of Stamats. “Those relationships and our ability to provide value in the markets our clients serve have been a mainstay for us and kept us engaged through good times and through bad times.”

Stamats has a long history of embracing new technologies and adapting to changing market conditions, which has helped us stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide cutting-edge service.

“We’ve morphed and changed from a fledgling marketing business to one with a national reputation for higher education and health care marketing,” said Bill Stamats, Executive Vice President of Stamats.

To commemorate our centennial, Stamats will be launching a series of events and initiatives throughout the year. These will include a microsite that will host narratives documenting each decade, a historical timeline with photos of the company’s growth and achievements, and a celebration event.

“The main reason we’ve been successful is our people,” said Peter Stamats. “One hundred years is a legacy to live up to. All of us can take away a real sense of pride in the work that we’ve recently done and the work of those who came before us. We continue to look for ways to sustain that and to carry it forward with the same level of dedication and passion.”

Stamats is excited to mark this historic occasion, and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative marketing solutions to clients for many years to come. For more information about Stamats’ 100-year history, visit stamats.com/100years.  

About Stamats:

Stamats is a leading digital marketing and research company providing a complete range of services including websites, mobile, PPC, SEO/SEM, content marketing, email, research, traditional media, live events, and database marketing. Stamats focuses on distinct markets to gain unique category knowledge and experience for the benefit of Stamats’ clients. These markets are higher education, healthcare, publishing, and audience development. Stamats was founded in 1923 and today maintains corporate offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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