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Grooving and Growing through the 70s

Bill Stamats

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Change is inevitable and to be a company that withstands the test of time, you leverage that change as your catalyst for progress. Stamats embraced the winds of change from 1973-1983, navigating economic and market hurdles, only to come out shining in their areas of expertise.

Forming Fruitful Partnerships

During the 70s, Stamats developed a strong partnership with Amana Refrigeration. This collaboration would prove to be a game-changer, as they took on the production of the legendary “Radar Range” cookbook for Amana’s microwave oven. This endeavor not only showcased Stamats’ expertise in content creation and publishing but also opened doors to expanding their commercial printing operations.

To accommodate their growing endeavors, Stamats opened a new printing facility spanning an impressive 15,000 square feet. This new facility housed a range of cutting-edge printing equipment, including a four-color press, two two-color presses, and two one-color presses.

“It was state-of-the-art with sophisticated offset printing,” recalled Stamats President and CEO, Peter Stamats. “It brought new jobs and more commercial printing business. We were running that business 24 hours a day.”

Bidding Farewell to an Era

While one area of business soared, another found itself on the fringes. In the early 80s, Stamats was at a crossroads, leading to a bittersweet decision to close its syndicated publishing business. The division housed three iconic brands: Perfect Home, Building Progress, and Ownership. These publications were staples in the real estate industry since the mid-1930s. For nearly 50 years, these publications provided valuable insights and information to countless readers and great marketing exposure for realtors and property developers. However, shifting trends in the marketplace and economic challenges forced the end of this era.

Building a Bright Future Ahead

Stamats witnessed remarkable growth in popularity and profit for their Buildings magazine division. “Buildings magazine really flourished during that period,” Stamats said. “We were in a qualified subscriber business model, now known as ‘Opt-In’. At that time, it was an incredible accomplishment to provide something with significant value that people are willing to opt-in to any large numbers.”

Stamats attributes the success to the company’s ability to provide high-quality, informative, and compelling content for a select, highly qualified audience. This strategy has been the underpinning of the company since its inception.    

A New Identity

As Stamats continued to evolve and expand its reach in the groovy decade, a defining moment arrived in the form of a company-wide name change. The transition from Stamats Publishing Company to Stamats Communications was more than a mere rebranding; it reflected the company’s emerging identity as a comprehensive communications company. Now with a diverse range of services that encompass publishing, printing, video and multi-media production, full-service marketing, brand campaigns, content strategy, and complete creative services.

To this day, Stamats provides unparalleled marketing, communications, and creative services to its niche customers. Embracing and evolving with change is the company’s key to growth and sustainability.

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