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SCOTUS Ruling on Affirmative Action—Questions to Ponder, Actions to Take

Bill Stamats

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Following the recent Supreme Court ruling on race-conscious admissions, universities are reevaluating policies and communicating with stakeholders. This ruling has implications for many institutions dedicated to diversity and inclusion, necessitating clarity on admission processes and established programs supporting a diverse student body and vibrant community.

As colleges and universities weigh these implications, here are some questions your current and prospective students, families, alumni, board, and faculty members may be asking:

  • What impact will the Supreme Court ruling have on our organization?
  • What is the policy or position on affirmative action in our organization? How are we performing currently on our diversity goals? Do we need to reevaluate our strategies?
  • What changes are we considering, if any?
  • Do our mission statement and values reflect our commitment to diversity in our student body?

Crafting a comprehensive communication strategy is vital to establishing your organization’s values and voice. Embrace transparency by issuing clear, concise statements through various channels. Engage stakeholders through public forums, social media, and town halls, involving student organizations, faculty, alumni associations, community groups, and the Board of Trustees. Foster a two-way dialogue, providing opportunities for learning, support, and message enhancement. Prepare to address challenging questions and tackle difficult issues head-on.

And as you develop your communications strategies, consider these best practices:

  • Request feedback and/or participation on a special committee addressing the issues.
  • Develop alternative ways to promote diversity and inclusion in the student body, such as outreach programs, scholarships, mentoring, and support services.
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of the new admission strategies on the academic performance, retention, graduation, and satisfaction of students from different backgrounds and groups.

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*Nine states have already banned Affirmative Action (AZ, CA, FL, ID, MI, NE, NH, OK, WA)