Set the strategy for your omnichannel enrollment marketing plan.

No single enrollment channel is an island. But in the full swing of recruitment season, it’s challenging to keep all your ducks in a row—especially if multiple departments stake a claim to communications. Are your current students receiving multiple communications from different departments on campus? 

Take a deep breath. We’ve got your back. Colleges and universities partner with Stamats to create right-sized communication plans that cover your key audiences and goals. Whether you’re ready to rock a robust plan or looking to start small, we’ll help you identify and close the gaps in your enrollment communications. 

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3 Steps to Build a Higher Education Communication Plan for Student Recruitment

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You don’t have to buy a costly CRM, content management system, or proprietary software to partner with Stamats. Our services stand alone, or we can easily connect to any systems you currently use. We’ll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go! 

Communication Planning Services

Most Dashboards Fail

Learn three common reasons that teams stop using dashboards: lack of education, alignment, and context.


It’s not a sales tool. It’s a relationship-building channel.

Text Messaging

Real-time updates and right-now reminders.

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Chat with enrollment marketing expert Marianne Sipe about your comm plan ideas.

Accelerate Your Enrollment Growth

Higher ed is facing a new frontier with declined enrollment. As high school graduation rates decline, so do higher education enrollment numbers. In short, the trends are a game-changer for how to do business in higher ed. Institutions that are willing to roll up their sleeves and embrace change in how they recruit will be the victors. Whether you are a fully staffed team or a one-person super show, these 11 tips will help you expand on your current enrollment initiatives now and level up to the next phase in the future.


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