What Colleges Can Learn About Branding From Consumer Brands

Dr. Robert A. Sevier, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Stamats, & Bill Thorburn, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Thorburn

Even the Best Brands in the World Aren’t Suited for Everyone

Dr. Robert A. Sevier, senior vice president, strategy, Stamats and Bill Thorburn, CEO and chief creative director of The Thorburn Group discuss this and many other aspects of branding that some colleges and universities have yet to master. There are a number of keen insights that have lead to success in consumer brands that have a common place in higher education.

Some of the topics addressed include:

    • Understanding your core audiences
    • Discovering what makes you compelling
    • Establishing your brand culture within your institution
    • Having the courage for great brand creative work
    • The brand experience for the buyer

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