Branding Born From Battle Scars

Aired June 27, 2019

Presented by Beatrice Szalas, Vice President for Client Services, Stamats

Lisa Brosky, Vice Chancellor, External Relations, Pima Community College

For years, the headlines didn’t stop. There were stories of a mass murderer who had once attended Pima Community College. There was negative coverage when the college stopped its open admissions practices. There were allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation by the chancellor. And then the college was placed on probation by its accreditor. Not surprisingly, Pima’s brand crumbled, and enrollment plummeted. The college even cut marketing and student recruiting. Today, things have turned around, but it took three years of intense hard work under a new chancellor to reshape the college into one that is well on its way to becoming a “premier” institution. New headlines tout national awards, student success and thriving partnerships. This presentation shows how the college did it by becoming ridiculously transparent, dedicating itself to a culture of continuous improvement, engaging the PR battle head-on, and embarking on building a promising new brand.

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About the Presenter

Beatrice Szalas, Vice President for Client Services, Stamats

Beatrice brings more than 18 years of research, integrated marketing, and institutional brand development experience to the team. Throughout her career, Beatrice has led the development of marketing and recruitment campaigns for colleges and universities across the United States and Canada.

Beatrice’s client work has won dozens of ADDY and Higher Education Marketing Report awards while achieving measurable results for her clients in terms of enrollment, fund-raising, and brand building.

Beatrice received her Bachelor of Arts (Honors) and Master of Arts degrees from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and completed executive development training at York University’s Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada.


Lisa Brosky, Vice Chancellor, External Relations, Pima Community College

Lisa joined Pima Community College in July 2016, overseeing External Relations, which includes Marketing and Communications, Recruiting, Government and Community Relations and Media Relations. Pima currently is rolling out its new brand and developing a new website. Lisa joined Pima from Jefferson Community and Technical College in Louisville, Kentucky, where she was Vice President for College Advancement. A runner and hiker, she frequently enjoys Tucson’s mountain trails.