Presented by Bill, Pat, and Eric of The Thorburn Group

College and university brands have power. When they’re clear and compelling, they delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, and challenge. Their stories imprint emotionally in our hearts. Their stories can also prompt action and drive results like referrals and enrollments, campaign and annual fund giving, and the successful recruitment of prized faculty and administrators. But all too often, college and university marketing operations short shrift—or even skip—the thoughtful development of brand strategy in favor of diving headlong into tactical execution. This webinar features a candid conversation about the essential and enduring link between brand strategy and brand expression.

Who should attend:

  • Senior campus leaders who don’t fully understand “this brand thing” yet
  • Campus-based marketers charged with institutional brand management
  • Chief recruitment and advancement officers who rely on campus marketing operations

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About the Presenters

Bill Thorburn, The Thorburn Group

Bill Thorburn, CEO and Executive Creative Officer

Bill established The Thorburn Group in 1994 with the pioneering idea that a design firm could take a greater role in brand development—moving from an executional role to a strategic one. His instincts and passion drive him to stay ahead of the evolving landscape. An art aficionado, Bill is anything but traditional—his spirit keeps The Group savvy and our ideas original.

Pat Weas, The Thorburn Group

Pat Weas, COO and Executive Strategy Director

Pat has more than 25 years experience defining, developing, and directing great brands. He has held management positions within nationally recognized advertising agencies, producing six EFFIE Awards, two Stephen Kelly Awards, a Gold International ECHO Award, and many others. As the leader of all things brand strategy, Pat gets to the heart and soul of expressing what makes our clients’ brands special.

Eric Sickler, The Thorburn Group

Eric Sickler, Vice President of Client Services

Eric has been a member of TTG’s senior consulting staff since 2014. His work touches on nearly every aspect of higher education: cabinet-level administration, institutional relations, student recruitment and staff development. He’s our go-to guy for deep higher education insights, market research and planning, and making sure we never miss a beat (or step on a cultural landmine).