Although Suffolk University is a prestigious urban university in the nation’s most crowded higher education market, it suffered from a lack of awareness and had begun to see declining enrollment in recent years. Despite its choice location in the heart of Boston, Suffolk was not as well known as its local counterparts, some of which were literally down the street and around the corner. The leadership team at Suffolk realized it was time for the university to clearly and boldly communicate its promise and claim its integral place in Boston’s thriving higher education landscape.

After reviewing Suffolk’s existing brand platform, Stamats identified a host of new messages that Suffolk could and should build its value proposition around. Much of the university’s identity had been linked to tired positions and unfounded claims—Suffolk needed to find a more confident, powerful, and authentic point of view that better represented its vitality and value.

We developed a new logo and iconography system that showcased the university’s world-class credentials, making those credentials the tangible proof behind Suffolk’s new identity. We then leveraged the benefits of Suffolk’s location as pillars supporting its revitalized identity.

We also addressed the short-term needs of the university’s recruitment efforts by creating a series of well-integrated publication messages that complemented Suffolk’s soon-to-be-released media work.

The campaign is in its early stages in the Boston area. But based on the initial reaction of Suffolk’s leadership committee, we’ve found and articulated a more authentic and compelling brand foundation for the university.

Suffolk’s position in the hub of Boston has always opened doors for students because of the access it provides them to hundreds of corporations—now Suffolk can demonstrate that to the urban marketplace with clarity and well-deserved confidence.

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