Dramatic Results. Ridiculous Savings. Why You Need a Programmatic Ad Strategy.

Buyer Power with Artificial Intelligence

In 2019, 84% of digital display ads were purchased using programmatic buys. If you didn’t, you can bet your competitors did. Programmatic employs an automated technology to reach audiences by harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence – Stamats plus Basis by Centro purchases and places your ads while automatically optimizing your budget and tactics.

Outshine the competition in 2020. Partner with Stamats and Basis, the #1 programmatic buying system on the market.

How can we help your programmatic campaigns?

Dramatic Results. Ridiculous Savings.

Basis is a powerful SaaS that thrives on intelligent impression bidding. The system seamlessly integrates every component of your media strategy:

• Planning
• Buying
• Operations
• Campaign analytics
• Business intelligence
• Billing reconciliation

Stamats clients achieve dramatic improvements in key digital metrics. We combine deep digital strategy expertise with the full slate of Basis purchasing, placement, and optimization resources.

The result? Our clients save an average of 20% on their digital ad budget – without having to pay for the Basis license.

Stop the Admin Fee Madness!

Humans can’t optimize and place ads as fast (or as well) as a refined algorithm can. And you shouldn’t pay a person to do a machine’s job.

With Stamats + Basis, your dollars fund impactful placement, not account administration. We don’t spend your project hours filling out spreadsheets or downloading stats.

With Basis, your Stamats strategists can focus on…strategy. We’ll partner with you to design a targeted, audience-centric advertising approach.

Stamats will help map the user journey, determine your conversion goals, and refine your messaging. We’ll build your project in Basis, using AI and data-driven strategy decisions to monitor and refine your program in real time.

Less wondering. More control.

Focused Audience Segments

Basis offers 25,000 audience segments that are continuously being optimized. Stamats can drill down to highly specific personas that match your audience’s needs and demographics.

Then, we’ll help you use this data to:

• Craft exceptionally focused messaging
• Personalize your user experience
• Set up effective targeting parameters

Knowing your audience down to the granular details gives you the power to do more of what works – and less of what doesn’t.

Data-Driven Targeting

Retargeting with display ads increases a consumer’s likelihood to purchase a product by 70%. Basis offers robust, sophisticated targeting options to reach your precise audience:

Contextual: Balancing relevance and scale, contextual targeting places your ads within content where it makes sense for the audience. For example, an ad for HVAC services might appear within an unrelated HVAC article on the web. Using keywords and your preferences, the Basis system can determine where your ads will and won’t run. Native ads deliver click-through rates nearly 9x higher than display ads and are seen 52% more frequently by users.

Behavioral: Target different audiences based on their interests, intent, and behaviors. Use Basis to increase your control over who sees your messages. Reach specific audiences that resonate with your brand from the awareness stage through conversion.

Hyperlocal: Geofence a specific area – wildly specific, within 3 feet to several miles of a central location. Start engaging with a user on one device and serve them additional relevant content on another. For example, you could target attendees at a competitor’s convention with ads for your brand.

On-the-fly Optimization

AI + Human strategy = Unstoppable optimization power.

Basis offers streamlined optimization, featuring manual and AI-driven automatic refinements. The ease of optimizations means Stamats can shift budget allocations quickly and get you the best performance for the same spend.

Stop wasting your precious time and ad dollars.

Connect with Stamats to implement Basis now.

Case Study: Rutgers Master of Communication and Media: SEM Campaign

After partnering with a previous vendor and not seeing the results they needed, Rutgers School of Communication and Information came to Stamats, who was also building their new website.

After an audit of the current strategy and assessment of campaign performance, Stamats identified several opportunities to craft a more strategic approach while still using a similar ad spend budget.

The Situation

Existing Google Ads campaign lacked optimization and management:

• Budget wasted due to low quality clicks coming from irrelevant search terms
• Broad keywords were not targeting users likely to convert
• Limited professional services were invested:
• Personalized ad groups were not built
• Limited time for monitoring and optimization
• Landing pages were not fine tuned

New Strategy

The Stamats team implemented several enhancements into the overall program:

• Optimized Landing Page: used targeted keywords to match ad creative, provided a clean and clear user journey, and focused on driving conversions
• Narrowed Keywords: focused on highly targeted keywords that attracts users that are likely to convert to a lead and changed keywords from broad match to modified broad match, phrase match, and exact match to limit irrelevant searches
• Negative Keywords: added negative keywords to prevent ads from being triggered by irrelevant words or phrases
• Geotargeting: focused ads within a 40-mile radius of campus
• Demographics: ads targeting 18-44 year olds, excluded 45-65+
• Time Scheduling: paused ad delivery before 7 am and after 11 pm

The team also conducted several mystery shopping journeys and identified the calls were not being answered appropriately. Through this research, the Rutgers team was able to properly identify internal operations opportunities and begin to address the user experience.

The Results