Did I Say That Out Loud?

Trending topics & hot takes in digital marketing

Episode 6

Is SGE the next big thing in search? Stu and Mariah predict the future of the search generative experience in this episode of the DISTOL podcast.

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Episode 5

Stu and Mariah share hot takes on AI for digital marketing and content creation.

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Episode 4

Stu and Mariah chat about what it means to “do SEO” in 2024, and how organizations can embrace the recent Google updates to truly connect with audiences.

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Episode 3

Mariah and Stu discuss the call-to-action, which is the gold-standard element of successful digital marketing.

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Episode 2

When you want to vet an idea, conferences are a great place to get unbiased, often challenging feedback. Stu and Mariah weigh the pros and cons of using conference platforms as a Shark Tank for new services and concepts.

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Episode 1

Stu Eddins and Mariah Tang discuss the importance of search intent and authentic (not solely AI-written) content in search ranking.

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