Seizing the (Micro) Moment: A Mobile Marketing How-To Guide

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In the last article, I wrote about the potential of micro-moments in marketing—those fleeting opportunities we have to engage with our audiences and provide immediate value in a highly mobile, highly distracted world.

In this post, I’d like to explore that topic further and provide strategies on how colleges and universities can take advantage of micro-moments—particularly from a brand-building perspective—through innovative planning, content, design, and delivery.

Making the Most of Micro-Moments

As with any marketing opportunity, it’s impossible to succeed without a clear strategy. Engaging your audiences through micro-moment marketing takes more than simply repurposing banner ads; it takes understanding who to target, knowing what content will be most useful in that moment, actively reinforcing the relationship between message and brand, and having the tech tools in place to support your goals.

With that in mind, here are five tips for making the most of micro-moments:

1. Be One Step Ahead

Our mobile devices have become extensions of ourselves. We rely on them for entertainment, to source new information, to stay in touch with friends, and to help us make dozens of major and minor decisions every day—often while in the middle of 10 other things.

That ubiquity creates a broad channel for countless micro-moments. Take advantage of it by cultivating a clear understanding of how users interact with their devices and by looking for new ways to help them engage with your brand through the delivery of content that not only meets a current need, but anticipates what’s needed next.

2. Be Quick

According to Google’s report on micro-moments, 29 percent of smartphone users will immediately abandon sites or apps that fail to satisfy their needs. Of those who leave, 70 percent do so because of long load times.

The lesson is clear: As a crucial brand-building tool, your institutional website (and any related microsites) should be mobile-ready, and all content should be designed with speed and simplicity top-of-mind.

3. Be Relevant

Micro-moments are less about maintaining a presence for its own sake (an approach that can be interpreted as an obstacle by impatient users and negatively affect your brand) and more about providing distinct value.

Remember, content is king. Know your audience, understand what’s needed within each type of micro-moment, and know how to meet those needs quickly with highly targeted information and offers.

4. Be Unique

Micro-moments demand that content and creative operate as an integrated whole. Capturing the moment is a good start, but creating the moment is even better. Explore ways to make each interaction more meaningful, memorable, and valuable for users. If you’re providing general information about your school, leverage the emotive force of its brand to communicate volumes in mere seconds.

5. Be On-Brand

Micro-moment marketing is powerful because it offers exactly the right solution at exactly the right time—and that’s a brief but unparalleled opportunity to reinforce the value of your brand. Messaging should consistently reflect the visual style, voice, and central brand idea of your institution.

As you develop your individual approach to micro-moment marketing, don’t be afraid to push the creative envelope, explore innovative ways for users to discover and experience your brand, and refine your tactics based on new information. Every audience is a moving target; determining what your prospective students, donors, and community partners will respond to takes practice and experience.

From brand development to website design, Stamats offers a full suite of services to help colleges, universities, and related organizations reach new audiences in today’s dynamic mobile world.

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