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Why Landing Pages Can Make or Break LeadGen Marketing

Stu Eddins

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Let’s say I searched Google for an answer, and your ad was at the top of my results. I clicked on the ad, costing you $3.89. Now, I’ve arrived at your landing page. For just a brief moment, you’ve got my attention.

What happens next is entirely up to you.

Ads and other offsite content can capture attention and steer users to your site, but it’s up to the landing page to convert interest into action. Arguably, the landing page is the most important part of any campaign.

Let’s take one step back and answer the question, “What is a landing page”? A landing page is simply the first page a visitor sees when they enter your site. By that definition, any page could be a potential landing page, and that’s right. For our discussion “landing page” refers to the page an ad click or other marketing traffic is directed to.

In this blog series, we will look at three critical factors that contribute to the makeup of effective landing pages, and by extension, allow campaigns to be successful.

  • Landing Pages Are the New Keywords: It’s true – AI-driven campaigns understand the language of your landing page and use it to target your ads. Today, the keywords you target in your ad campaign work more like guidelines than concrete tools.
  • You’ve Got 10 Seconds, Thrill Me: Ad visitors quickly assess the landing page to decide if it answers their question. On average, a visitor will take 10 seconds or less to decide to stay or bounce. Can your page earn the 11th second?
  • Answering The Call – Don’t be Shy: The visitor clicked on your ad or other piece of marketing material. They expect you to sell your program/service/concept and tell them what to do next. Be bold in promoting what the user wants.

There are a lot of opportunities to improve most landing pages. The average landing page is populated with unfocused content and indirect, less-than-motivating calls to action. The bar is low, and marketers who put work into their landing pages will be head and shoulders above the competition.

In summary, landing pages must do the heavy lifting of converting interest into valuable action. The prospect showed interest by clicking on your ad or on a hyperlink in an article you wrote. If we equip our landing pages with meaningful content and clear instructions on how to take a next step, it’s certain that our marketing will yield better outcomes.

Ready to rock the landing page for your next campaign?

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