One of the great benefits about pulling all of your data into a single unified database with a fully integrated back end is the ability to see the full scope of your audience.

If you focus solely on collecting the data necessary to pass your audit—whether BPA, AAMP, or VAC—you will miss the rest of your valuable audience.

Embracing the Un-Audited Audience

If you have digital content designed to attract people to your websites, like most modern publishers, you are developing an un-audited audience.

What do you know about that audience, and what will you do with that information once you have it?

We’ve all been in discussions with advertisers where they ask us “How many people do you have in x,y,z?” and these market segments might be considered part of their most valued customer base but not directly line up with our audited profile.

We, as audience specialists, find ways to develop the ‘non-audited’ audience as a marketing tool.

There are three benefits to doing this:

1. It’s a source of potential new subscribers that you don’t have to pay for. Think about it- these are people already interacting with your brand, they are a gold mine for reaching out to offer a subscription.

2. Providing to advertisers a base of people that they want. If your advertisers are not perfectly aligned with your audience being able to demonstrate that you do reach they people they want can be crucial.

3. More data on more people in your industry (industries) helps you demonstrate that you re truly a resource that advertisers should be part of.

Audience Access

We must stop viewing our product as ‘advertising,’ and instead understand that we are selling access to our audience. From this, it makes sense to fully develop all of that audience.

A proper audience database system becomes vital; one that allows you to pull in those engaged but not audited and layer them into your subscription products so you can truly see your audience and how they are engaging.

We can help. SDM is the only fulfillment provider with a database system that can fully integrated print and digital into a single database. Contact us to learn more.