Rapid News Response

Handling Crisis Communication Support and Strategy

When news breaks, your institution has two options: Lead with authoritative content, or scramble to catch up in the aftermath.

This is a tough situation.

You can’t make a full stop on daily responsibilities.But you still must manage a surge of much-needed communication. And often, leaders in operations, marketing, and communications are too swamped to deliver relevant, mindful audience-centric messaging.

That’s where Stamats comes in. Partner with us to deploy a Rapid News Response initiative – a unique blend of journalistic best practices and data-driven digital techniques to deliver expert, authoritative, on-brand content when it matters most.

Speak First. Lead with Expert Authority.

Implementing swift content strategy and delivery in the midst of a crisis or breaking news event lends credence to your authority among competitors and your audience.

Smart, rapid responses to crises can curb panic and spur audiences to follow rational, appropriate measures during crisis situations, such as:

Natural Disasters

Health Epidemics

Breaking Industry News

PR Scandals

The Stamats RNR program gives you on-demand access to content and digital strategists who are experts in your industry.

We work in step with your team to generate clear, concise, and relevant content that can cover a range of business goals and audience needs:

  • Education
  • Instructions
  • Guidelines or recommendations
  • Mitigation of false information
  • Reassurance
  • Thought leadership
  • Positivity out of negativity
  • Stories of impactful contributions

Get ahead of media frenzies. Protect your community and your audience. Serve as the voice of reason in uncertain times. Launch a Rapid News Response program now.

Rapid News Response = Less Worry + More Control.

Stamats is an agile digital agency. As such, our strategists are specially trained to manage on-demand, unexpected content needs at a moment’s notice.

Your success is our success. And our program thrives on the proven Stamats RNR process.

We Start with Understanding Your Organization.

Internal stakeholder alignment is one of the most powerful components for the success of your content and design strategy.

Stamats fully appreciates that stakeholder engagement is more than project overviews and momentary buy-in. We’ve worked with top-tier organizations for more than 60 years – we’ve refined our methods to help foster the development of a robust, cyclical, and ongoing dialogue with your subject matter experts (SMEs) and stakeholders.

Define Approval Process and Identify SMEs

During a quick discovery call, we will determine:

  • Who are possible SMEs for each topic?
  • Who is a back-up if they are not available?
  • What approvals are required?
  • What distribution channels are available?
  • What is your ultimate goal for producing this content?
  • What key performance metrics are most important to your stakeholders?

Support to Act Quickly

Speed matters – users are actively searching for crisis and breaking news information.

The Stamats RNR program delivers publish-ready content (ideation through delivery) within 24 hours. Or faster. If a topic is identified by 8 a.m. CST – and if stakeholder approval is secured – you can expect a publish-ready piece by 5 p.m. CST.

Based on our clients’ experiences, responding within one day versus one week of a newsworthy event resulted in significant, relevant traffic spikes. Waiting delivered next to no traffic.

Wildly Specific Content Delivery

If your newsworthy event is hyperlocal, Stamats can geotarget – within a 3-foot radius of the central location – ads directing a specific audience to your message.

Monitor and Adjust

Analytics provide immediate results and opportunities to make any adjustments to the social sharing or content. In some cases, an article may be updated to reflect additional news and a possible follow-on story. It is important that the article remains as it has gained link and organic strength.

Report Metrics. Celebrate! Keep Moving.

Success is sweet, but data-driven next steps are sweeter. Stamats will provide a detailed report back to your stakeholder team to encourage ongoing support for the RNR program. This report can include pageviews, social reach, audience engagement, downloads, listens, and other pertinent performance metrics.

Whether you are mid-crisis or planning ahead, Stamats can help strategize and deliver the targeted, relevant, and timely content your audiences need. Connect with Stamats to launch a Rapid News Response program today.