Chuck Reed, Stamats

Reed Between the Lines: Leader 101

I simply love a good leader. There is no one definition of such a person: my favorite deans, presidents, chancellors, and chairs have come in all temperaments, from all backgrounds, and with all sorts of goals. No gender, age, or ideology stands out. There’s only one clear thing shared by all the good ones—they get it. Like that perfect marriage, it is magic. And you don’t always know why. In fact, the “why” is elusive.

2015 TeensTALK™ Reveals Teens’ Creative Hot Buttons

While the fresh start of a new fiscal year is typically something to look forward to, FY16 will be a challenging one for lots of colleges across the country. We’re already hearing from a number of chief marketing and chief recruiting officers who report that projected tuition revenue shortfalls will require budget-tightening at best, and staff-trimming at worst.