I’ve always felt a kind of kindred connection with Ferris Bueller. As a child of the 80s, how could you not? Obviously I knew I wasn’t anywhere near his stratosphere of overall coolness.

But it was what made him cool that told the real story. His unapologetic style. His unwillingness to compromise. The way he committed to the moment and forced others to look inward and ultimately coax the very best out of themselves.

Ferris would’ve made a great adult student. Think about it. If there was ever a poster-boy for doing things “his way” it would be Ferris. Go straight from high school into the traditional four- or five-year college funnel? Not likely. Take a year off to backpack across Europe before starting college? Predictable, meet lame.

No, you’d never put Ferris in a box like that. It’s more likely to think that he’d go to college for a few years and after talking his way into a being awarded an honorary doctorate take off for the coast of Portugal where he’d figure out a commercially viable way to fuse parasailing with deep sea spearfishing.

Then, when he was ready, he’d return to school to earn his legit degree and finish the job.

Today’s adult learners, too, know what they want. And they know how they want it. Just like Ferris understood that taking the day off and driving into Chicago meant nothing if he couldn’t do it in a 1961 Ferrari 250GT, today’s adult learners want an education deliveredtheir way.

Flexibility. Credit for prior work or life experience. A convenient location, and both online and on-site course options. They want an experience that fits them, not the other way around.

And, if you can throw in a parade and lunch at Che Quis, even better.

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