Most colleges rely, at least to some degree, on adjuncts. And there is every indication that adjuncts will play an even greater role in the future. At the same time, many adjuncts never feel like they are an important part of the academic team. A great article by Sonya Stinson in the November 2013 issue of University Business focuses on options for enhancing the orientation experience for new and returning adjuncts. The article, written in the straight-forward style we have come to expect from University Business, presents an array of ideas for helping adjuncts feel valued. In particular, we call you attention to five ideas:


  • Pay adjuncts to attend orientation
  • Include a campus tour as part of orientation
  • Host a “get acquainted” meal or reception
  • Provide online sessions and resources for adjunct faculty
  • Pair new adjuncts with full-time mentors
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