How Do Your Most Important Audiences Really See You?

No institution is an island. The perceptions, needs, and changes within your audiences shape what you can achieve. Internally, students, staff, and faculty define the institution every day. Externally, alumni, donors, employers, prospective students, parents, and community leaders can smooth your way or spark a storm.

How We Can Help

Academic Satisfaction and Student Outcomes

That robust academic portfolio requires understanding the general learning environment, where student satisfaction is a key driver. We measure students’ satisfaction with their overall academic experiences, including courses, advising, majors, and other academic dimensions, as well as satisfaction with outcomes, including campus life and job placement after graduation.

Image and Perception Studies

If you could flip open their brains, could you see what goes on as they choose (or don’t choose) your institution? How you stack up to competitors? Whose opinion counts as they make a choice? No flip-top heads here, yet our image and perception research gives insight into their thoughts.

Nonmatriculant Studies

Understanding why nonmatriculating students don’t enroll is critically important to your overall recruiting and retention strategy—as is understanding why others don’t apply and others don’t even inquire. College matriculation is a complex decision and you need in-depth data to understand the ones who went elsewhere.

Tuition Price Elasticity and Brand Value Study™

This powerful research tool allows you to see beforehand how changes in tuition will impact market share and overall net tuition revenue—including the price threshold at which students and families balk—as well as how your position in the choice set impacts students’ willingness to pay.

Resources to Help You Understand Your Audience

Branded Environments and the College Campus Feel

I recently started working for a client near my alma mater and former employer, the University of Notre Dame. When the project team and I visited our client’s campus, I couldn’t help making a special trip one evening to walk around my old campus and take in the nostalgia. And at Notre Dame, you’re hit…


Sometimes, the Best Insights Come from Without

When Henry Ford unveiled his Quadricycle on June 4, 1896, it took its place in history as the first automobile he ever designed or drove. It wasn’t long after, in 1903, that the recently incorporated Ford Motor Company released the Model A. Now, 110+ years later, the company Henry Ford built is still going strong—as a family business and as a brand.


Using Personas to Drive an Effective Online Marketing Strategy

Knowing your audience is one of the most fundamentally important things involved in redesigning your institutional website. Every decision you make—from the overall design to the copy’s tone to the functionality of the newsfeed—should be made with their needs in mind. Not long ago, I wrote a QuickTAKES article about crafting an effective web presence.…


That’s a Lot of Stories.

National Center for Education Statistics predicts that 1.8 million students in the U.S. will receive a bachelor’s degree this year. That’s good news for those of us who’ve worked so hard to recruit, retain, and help those students succeed in college. The Big Day A sea of mortar boards. Waves of hope and fear. Pride.…


Programs Are Important…but Money Rules When It Comes to Website Perusing!

Adult students—including both degree-seeking (undergraduate and graduate) and certificate—are more likely to rank “cost information” at the top of their list when asked, what’s the most important piece of information they seek on a college or university website. This finding, among many others, is included in Stamats’ fifth annual Adult StudentsTALK™ study conducted last fall.…


Are You Living the Story?

Are You Living the Story?

My grandfather was a man of few words. But a couple of his favorites were, “Still talkin’?” He’d ask it with a glint in his eye, one brow slightly raised, pitched as a half question, half you-know-exactly-what-I’m-gettin’-at directive. It’s not that he thought words were cheap. But he was a farmer. Every day for him…