Presented by Becky Morehouse, Senior Vice President for Client Services

Thursday, March 23, 2017, at 2:30 p.m. EST

Understanding What Motivates Adult Students

Adult students are weird. They have jobs, families, and their own timetables and motivations for starting school. Unearth the patterns in their apparent randomness—with data. Sound research creates better decisions about programs, marketing, and even web content.

Watch on demand as Stamats Senior Vice President Becky Morehouse presents the results of Stamats’ 2017 Adult StudentsTALK™ research. You may watch this on-demand webinar an unlimited number of times.

Information from this timely report will help universities, colleges, schools, and departments prioritize their services, hone in on program delivery modes and timing, and determine marketing messages based on what is most important to the prospective adult student. With the continued pressure—and opportunity—for many institutions to increase adult and/or graduate student enrollment, this research offers valuable insights to share with your campus about attracting and best serving these key audiences.

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About the Presenter

Becky Morehouse, Senior Vice President for Client Services

Becky offers her clients a broad range of experience in all facets of qualitative and quantitative market research, brand development, strategic communication, and electronic media. Formerly Stamats’ vice president for research, Becky and her research team designed and completed hundreds of individual audits, assessments, and studies for colleges and universities throughout the country each year. Becky’s familiarity with and in-depth understanding of the higher education marketplace and its audiences has helped her create powerful, customized, and effective research, branding, planning, and communication programs informed and executed by the highest-quality standards. Becky has a B.A. in marketing from the University of Northern Iowa. She earned her master’s degree in higher education administration from The University of Iowa, where she is also a doctoral candidate. She joined Stamats in 1991.