Capital University is a comprehensive, independent university grounded in the Lutheran tradition and committed to an education rooted in free inquiry, critical thinking, and leadership. It offers diverse undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts, sciences, and professions,
and prepares individuals to live holistic lives of leadership and service. Founded in 1830 in the Columbus suburb of Bexley, Ohio, Capital University sought greater brand awareness, more leads, and more applications for specific degree programs.

Stamats worked with Capital University to develop, monitor, and strategically adjust a pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising campaign. We created ads for Google first and later extended the campaign to the Yahoo Bing Network, which is remarkably robust in Ohio. Continually monitored analytics data informed every strategy, tactic, and adjustment in this PPC campaign.

The first 30 days of the Google campaign saw 42,503 impressions, 282 clicks, and zero leads. The average cost per click was $5.23, and the total spend was $1,475. Three months later, a 30-day period saw 307,827 impressions (+13%), 1,836 clicks (+15%), and 44 leads. The average cost per click decreased 67%, and the total spend was $3,488.12. In the same 30 days, the Bing campaign created 13 conversions for a total spend of $284.28. Analysis of landing page data showed the branding ads led to inquiries for the targeted programs, in addition to the conversions produced by the targeted ads themselves, suggesting the elements of the campaign worked together for greater success.

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