Making LinkedIn Conversation Ads Work for Your School

Bill Stamats

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In spite of so much upheaval from Covid-19, 2020 was a year of innovation. And one of my favorite innovations is LinkedIn Conversation Ads. The new tool allows advertisers to design customized chatflows, engaging LI users as they’re led toward an array of conversion events based on their questions and answers.

It may help to think of LI’s conversation ads as a more elaborate and personalized chatbot but with two fundamental differences:

  1. Flexibility: The tool isn’t restricted to a website or landing page; it can be used to target LI users as nimbly as other formats. Ads are delivered via LinkedIn’s Messaging inbox, and to ensure users are contacted during moments of authentic engagement, messages are initiated only when users are active on the site.
  1. Dialogue: Rather than simply answer a question, the chatflow nurtures a dialogue. Questions and answers shape the journey, the content delivered, and the outcome. In the process, users take in information and develop deeper brand awareness.

Using Conversation Ads to Achieve Your School’s Goals

Firstly, the team at LinkedIn designed multiple templates to make ad creation easier. Drive Enrollment for Programs is a preset chatflow of special interest to marketing and recruitment teams.

Completely customizable, the template presents LinkedIn users with a short introductory message followed by multiple program options based on their LinkedIn profile. Following various journeys (again, all customizable) allow users to:

  • Learn more about each program
  • Explore related programs or other topics of interest
  • Contact the school
  • Share additional professional interests
  • Read testimonials
  • Download eBooks and other content
  • Enroll

Go Even Further

Additionally, here are some additional templates available through LinkedIn Conversation Ads and ideas on how they might be used to drive your goals forward:

  • Increase Event and Webinar Registrations: Use this template to promote open houses, group campus tours, information sessions, and related events.
  • Drive More Website Visits: Increase your college or university’s website traffic, share content, and improve overall brand awareness.
  • Boost Asset Downloads: Integrate this template into your broader demand generation strategy, or use it to promote brochures, eBooks, and other important materials already on your site.
  • Promote Your Podcast: Reach new audiences and keep prospects engaged by creating and promoting new podcasts.
  • Survey or Poll Your Audience: Information is power. Use this template to refine your school’s marketing personas or solicit feedback to develop a more adult-supportive campus.
  • Get Donations and Volunteers: Use this template to grow your school’s volunteer base and engage alumni. Integrate with a capital campaign to connect with audiences across channels.
  • Share Free Trials and Demos: Covid-19 has permanently reshaped how we work and learn. Use this template to showcase remote learning technology.

Embrace Conversation Ads

Although it may not be right for every school, LinkedIn Conversation Ads is a compelling option for colleges and universities seeking to connect with an adult, professionally-engaged audience.

All in all, in an age of increased competition and tighter budgets, every channel matters. Business schools, graduate and adult learning programs, and colleges focused on military recruitment take note. Indeed, consider how LinkedIn Conversation Ads could help you target prospects and establish the sort of dynamic, ongoing dialogue that makes conversion much easier.

Finally, new tools demand new methods. From audience growth to content creation, Stamats can help you use full power of social media to increase enrollment. Email us today to get started.

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