Much more than logos and taglines, brands are a collection of experiences. When well-crafted and well-managed, your brand should serve as the engine that powers every marketing and recruitment initiative you undertake—immediately defining who you are, communicating your promise, and expressing the value you bring to the world.

How We Can Help

Brand Clarification and Development

Your brand is a story that’s constantly being told. It’s the outward expression of the core values and enduring qualities that make you unique in a world of uniformity. Our job is to help you tell your story in new ways—by immersing ourselves in your campus community, engaging key constituents, and uncovering points of distinction that you can own in the marketplace.

Brand Creative

Brands are expressed through a visual language of colors, texture, tone, photographic styles, and editorial cues. Working closely with your teams, we’ll develop and refine your institutional brand creative—delivering a set of distinct elements that capture who you are and communicate it to the world.

Brand Engagement

Brands are anything but static. They exist in a larger social, cultural, and commercial world and are the sum of human experiences. That’s why our brand engagement service is designed around how your brand lives in the world—and how it can nurture emotional connection, build lifelong allegiances, and expand market share.

Brand Communication Plans

Communicating your brand to targeted audiences in authentic, compelling ways is essential. In close collaboration with your team, we’ll develop a brand communication plan that’s designed around your institutional goals, audience needs, and resources.