Nancy Patrick, Stamats

If you’re into balance, you’ll like Nancy. A lot. One of the world’s legendary cat herders, Nancy takes serious pride in her work. She’s tenacious, goal-driven, and brings a borderline manic devotion to organization and structure. At the same time, she cherishes her time to let loose, make time for play, volunteer at the community theatre, stay fit, cook creatively, and find other ways to de-stress. Again, balance. Nancy has a way of recognizing roadblocks, staying nimble, and using humor to successfully guide projects along and keep the team on task.

Thanks to her degree in psychology from the University of Northern Iowa, Nancy “gets” people. So don’t try sneaking anything by her. Waste of time.

Nancy’s Favorite Adage

“We make choices every day, some of them good, some of them bad. And if we are strong enough, we live with the consequences.”
– David Gemmell