If you’re out and about and see a blur whiz by, there’s a good chance it was Mark. He’s an admitted addict to all things cardiovascular… running, cycling, swimming, you name it. It’s an every day kind of thing for him—his own little nirvana where the mind clears. He brings that same kind of Zen-like devotion to his design work. Sure, he’s won all kinds of regional and national awards in 25 years. But it isn’t about the hardware. It’s about creating something authentic. Something uncompromised. Something that hits you in the sensorial gut. For Mark, that’s the idea. It’s about going all in, every time, on every project. It’s probably why he hasn’t taken a sick day since President Clinton was in office.

In a way, it’s a lot like running or cycling. Minus the sweat. Sometimes.

Mark’s Favorite Taglines

Keep Walking (Johnnie Walker); On the corner of happy and healthy (Walgreens); Eat all you want, we’ll make more. (Cheetos).