Joan Benson, Stamats

Have you ever had a character in a play created based on you? As in, a real play—actors, a stage, a big audience, everything. Joan has. It’s a long story, but spend just a few minutes with her, and you’ll understand why. Her passion for writing and creativity is infectious. Whether it’s developing brand creative for a major university, leading a voice mapping exercise for a top-15 liberal arts college, presenting about content strategy, or writing a haiku about her cat, Joan brings an uncommon verve to everything she does. For 16 years she ran her own communications firm, she’s taught college-level composition and literature, and in her down time pursues her own creative work as a novelist and poet.

And that cat, she picked him out at the shelter because he had no voice. Another good story.

Joan’s Favorite Way to Spend a Saturday Morning

Gluten-free pancakes, French roast, and Doctor Who.