Rosa Parks. Jules Verne. Facebook. Charles Lindbergh. John Deere. Monopoly. Elizabeth Blackwell.

What you just read may seem like a pretty random assortment of people and things, but there is a common link: They were all born or created within the same week in February throughout history, and in one way or another, they were all pioneers. Visionaries. Of a world of racial and gender equality. Of new ways to travel the globe. Of better agricultural techniques. Of different ways to interact with one another.
Having a vision is important. In some cases, it can change the course of world history. In others, the effect is closer to home. Take your school, for example. What is your vision for its future? What impact do you hope to have? On the community? On students?

As an institution of higher education, it’s important to have a solid vision for your future. Where you hope to be in the marketplace. What you hope to achieve. What you hope your students achieve after they graduate.

Take all those wants—all those hopes—and make it official. Make it your vision. And then ensure everything you do from there on out, whether it’s in marketingbrandinginstitutional planningrecruitment practices, etc., is done while keeping that vision in mind—is done in service to that vision.

You have the power to change the future of your school—and who knows, maybe even history.

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