Bahati Banks

Bahati Banks, Graduate Student Recruiter for the College of Education and Human Development, Georgia State University, talks about the challenges in attracting students to graduate programs in education and how she met those challenges with an active content program.

Bahati Banks

Graduate Student Recruitment & Marketing Specialist
College of Education & Human Development
Georgia State University
Bahati Banks is a graduate student marketing recruitment specialist with Georgia State University’s College of Education and Human Development. In this role, she plans and implements all aspects of content marketing, including creating, curating, and distributing content that drives demand and lead generation.

Prior to joining Georgia State, she spent 10 years honing her skills in marketing and communications and web content management in the fields of healthcare IT and academic medicine. Early in her career, she held grant-making and program-development positions for philanthropic and nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay area.

Bahati holds an MBA in marketing from Keller Graduate School of Management and a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of California–Davis.

She resides in Atlanta with her husband and enjoys road trips, biking, discovering hiking trails, swimming at warm-water beaches, and whipping up nutritious, delicious vegetarian meals.

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