Scroll through the screenshots above to see a handful of real examples of students struggling to find the right program at the right institution.

These Students Don’t Like Your Programs.

Maybe That’s Okay. Maybe It’s Not.

Your academic program mix is crucial to a student’s decision-making progress. You could get lost in comparing yourself to the big pool of competitors out there—or you could develop a distinctive competitive advantage by strategically positioning yourself with academic programs that you know are in demand. New academic programs may complete that array if researched and marketed correctly.

Holding on to a program just because “it’s always been there” is just as wrong as adding new programs outside of your competitive position. Adding and dropping programs should be a data-driven process based on the mission of the institution and focused on the targeted student market. It should be influenced by program cost and revenue generation as well as quality and demand.

You don’t need a program for every student. In fact, you shouldn’t have a program for every student. Starting a discussion about restructuring the program mix of your institution is not easy, but awareness of how your offered programs are perceived by prospective students is important. Even more important is understanding how your academic portfolio fits into the competitive landscape of programs that may serve the same audience.

Your prospective students are talking about your school’s programs—are you?

Let’s talk about your strategy for shaping the academic portfolio at your institution. Contact us now to discuss conducting an academic review based on data-driven evidence of marketplace demand.

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