You Need Students to Find You. SEO Can Help.

You need students to find you. You need students to know your programs exist. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help.

SEO Basics

  • SEO is the foundation for how websites rank within the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).
  • The search engines each have their own proprietary, secret algorithms, which require your site to conform to certain standards in order to rank well on their results pages (SERPs).
  • SEO remains important even while new digital strategies may be employed.

SEO Audit

What should you look for in an SEO audit or assessment?

  • Keywords that help define a page’s focus for the user and search engines
  • Internal linking that helps the user
  • Implementation of accessibility standards
  • Meta-data is the appropriate length and has the right content (title tags, descriptions, alt image tags)
  • Responsive sites in terms of speed and type of device the website will be used on (mobile, desktop, tablet)
  • Content that is relevant
  • On-page optimization practices
  • Technical errors (http response codes, html errors)

SEO Checklist

Ready to get rolling? Do you need some fast feedback to jump start the SEO audit discussion with your web team? Try our free SEO checker to get some top level feedback. Then, make sure to follow this checklist to get going. Or talk to us about how we can provide you an in depth SEO audit.

  • Focus on updating top marketing sections of your site with new content.
  • Update meta data.
  • Make sure your site is responsive.
  • Use our free SEO checker for response code errors & meta data issues.
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