A college website is one of admissions’ most important marketing tools. To use it as such, your website should cultivate a relationship with prospective students. It must showcase what the school offers, communicate the campus culture, and encourage them to take the next step toward enrollment.

Your website is an investment and, as such, there should be a return on that investment. Its performance as a lead-generating tool should be monitored regularly. Imagine your website as a 24/7 recruiter with the potential of attracting prospective students and informing their parents who influence their decisions.

Here are the top level steps to maximizing website ROI:

  1. Every marketing exercise should drive traffic back to your site. Drive traffic through search engine marketing tactics, such as:
    • Pay-per-click (PPC) and display ads
    • Internal linking strategies
    • Search engine optimization of your website
    • Online public relations efforts through news releases and social media
  2. Analyze your visitors and the effectiveness of your pages through Google Analytics. The dashboards are intuitive and instructional videos are available to walk you through how to best use Google Analytics.
  3. Optimize your site by determining which combinations of content and design drive the most conversions. Optimization is directly tied to your search engine marketing and the monitoring of the website’s Google Analytics. Google Webmaster Tools can help you manage your optimization efforts.
    • Are your search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns effective?
    • Are the external links to your site helping or hurting?
    • Are your content providers incorporating keywords and metadata?
  4. Increase conversions with offers that will entice prospective students to request more information by filling out a website form or by scheduling a visit. If you set up funnels in Google Analytics you’ll discover where and when during the conversion process you are losing possible conversions.

These four steps take time and require trained personnel to implement. Your website demands proper attention in order to get the ROI you want. Contact us to learn more.

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