Hey Bob, it's Eric.

Hey Bob, it’s Eric.

Bob Sevier and I probably know too much about each other after arguing about higher education marketing for almost 30 years. With a little help from iTunes, here’s your chance to listen in on our higher ed marketing meanderings.

We’re planning to post new conversations every couple of weeks in 2016, so subscribe and hold on. This should be fun.

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Episode 1: The Sriracha Effect

Eric calls Bob to discuss his most recent post to Stamats Insights, titled, “The Sriracha Effect.” Bob explains the importance of thinking about the way colleges and universities approach marketing.

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  1. Abbott & Costello;) Great dialogue fellas!

  2. John

    Loved the podcast. Point of fact. Apple spent more than $1 billion on advertising in 2013. That number has increased even more since then I am sure. Love your work and thought leadership!

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