I am in recovery, I am a recovering Big Shot. I started BS Anonymous.

Through some of my more challenging experiences, I learned a few simple life-changing strategies that have helped me strengthen my personal vision, connect with my inner spirit, and ultimately change the way I feel, think, act, and react at home and in the workplace.  And these changes have still allowed me to be considered successful in every practical sense of the word.

I have to admit that for most of my early working life, I ignored any kind of advice that would have helped me to understand the real meaning of life. Like so many high-octane young people, the idea of taking time out of an overcharged day to meditate, do something for others, or spend time with family and friends was not in my frame of reference. Wealth and prominence are what excited me and made me feel complete, or so I thought.

However, I learned, as many do, that ambition-driven success often comes at a steep price. It is not uncommon for highly successful people to begin focusing on their marriage only after the relationship has deteriorated beyond repair. The price I paid for success was the loss of almost everything on which I placed value: my first marriage, a close relationship with my two daughters, my multi-million-dollar business, a magnificent home on the Potomac River, luxury cars, and more. When the trappings of the material and professional success that I had pursued for so long were literally repossessed, I was forced to stand alone and assess how my unrealistic standards were running (or ruining) my life.

In the aftermath of my financial success, I had plenty of time to reflect on how I had lived my life, the choices I made, and the people I ignored.
I realized that being so focused on reaching the pinnacle of material success minimized my ability to derive any real meaning in life.

Instead of cherishing the daily journey with my family, friends and co-workers, I was hypnotically affixed to the goal of power, success, and wealth—a captivating aspiration but one that always remained just beyond my ever-weakening grasp. My bank account may have been full, but my life was empty and literally devoid of meaning, which became more evident when the diversion of money and possessions was removed.

The principles within The Daily Six did not come to me as a blinding flash of the obvious. It was a slow daily journey to create a new perspective.

Over the past 40 years in business, I have had the opportunity to meet all sorts of people. While I’ve worked closely with highly trained CEOs, the people who helped guide me on this new path were those who were authentic, kindhearted, and benevolent—those who truly lived lives that radiated meaning and purpose.

With inspiration and teaching from these mentors, I developed The Daily Six. These six essential principles help create daily attitude adjustments that lead to a refocused and positive outlook each day. By incorporating these simple strategies in our lives, we can stop waiting for that elusive financial goal or perfect professional destination in order to feel complete.

Anyone can take advantage of this powerful roadmap to experience both the joy of success and significance, which will make our lives worth living and living joyfully.

To find out more about these life-changing strategies for your own life, meet John Chappelear in person at Stamats Adult Student Marketing Conference in Clearwater, Florida, February 6–8.


John Chappelear is an organizational consultant, author, trainer and speaker with over 25 years of experience as a CEO and entrepreneur. John‘s book The Daily Six which helps both individuals and organizations become healthier and more productive won the “Best Book Award” from USA Book News. As a consultant, John has improved productivity and performance at universities, hospitals and corporations in the United States and abroad. He eliminates internal competition by focusing both management and staff on resolving the most relevant and pressing issues.

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