This September, I am doing a webinar with Rob Westervelt (George Fox University) and Joe Brennan (University at Albany) on designing the highly effective marketing department.

We developed this webinar, in part, to counter a popular misperception that effective marketing is all about the organizational structure.

What we have learned over the years is that much more important than the org structure are the people in the org structure.

We are not alone in this thinking.

Andy Stanley in one of his podcasts on leadership says, “The people we choose are more important than the system you use.”

Jim Collins says, “The who is more important than the what.”

Finally, “talent is often more valuable than title.”

In other words, smart, talented, and engaged people will figure out how to make things work. The essential job of the leader is to find those people and spend less time using Visio® to fine-tune the organizational structure.

Notice that I used three adjectives to describe the people you want: smart, talented, and engaged.

Smart and talented are critical. But even more critical are people who are actively engaged in the heart of the vision and mission. It is engagement that drives people to apply their smarts and talents. Without engagement you will never receive their all.

People with these qualities will almost immediately raise the bar.

If you are interested in joining us for our webinar, here’s the link.

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