We all recognize it, commiserate about it—heck, sometimes we even wring our hands about it. However, awareness plus desire doesn’t always equal decisive action. When it comes to attracting and recruiting adult students (and by that term, I mean adults who are seeking either an undergraduate or graduate degree), it’s not always easy to feel in control of our destiny.

Though potential numbers are high (at least lately), demand has been low. These prospective students may be interested in your programs, but where is their sense of urgency? Likewise, they may have some idea of their academic options, but delay reaching out until the moment they’re ready to apply. That’s the rub—and these are the constraints many colleges and universities just like yours face.

The challenge then, becomes one of bucking trends by understanding the behavior behind the numbers. With that in mind, here are a few eye-opening stats to consider (courtesy of a May 2017 Harris Poll):

  • Only 2 in 5 working adults report being satisfied with their level of education
  • 72% of respondents say that achieving the next degree level would have a positive impact on their career satisfaction
  • 65% say that they believe earning the next degree level would result in a rise in salary

So, if you believe that information is power (and come on, who doesn’t?), maybe it’s time to dive a little deeper into the minds and motivations of adult learners—to consider how they access information, how they prefer to communicate, and (best of all) how they make decisions. Let Stamats’ 2018 Adult Student Marketing Conference be your guide. With a focus on adult and graduate student marketing and recruitment, we’ll explore:

  • Ways adult students use and navigate their number one resource—institutional websites—to learn about academic programs, tuition and fees, and degree completion time
  • Methods you can use to drive leads, sustain interest, and move prospective students to enrolled students
  • Tips for using the data you already have to make more effective decisions

Like every year, the 2018 conference is designed to equip your teams with a greater level of insight. We know that effective adult student marketing and recruitment is a science unto itself. On February 6−8, we’ll bring together experts in the field to distill that science into practical strategies and targeted tactics that help you work smarter.

Join us in February (did we mention the conference is in sunny Clearwater, Florida?). In the meantime, ease up on the hand wringing!

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