Are you attending the American Marketing Association (AMA) Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in early December? Are you trying to decide which metrics to measure on your campus to identify the best returns on your investments across all channels? You’re in luck!

I will have the pleasure of hosting a panel on Tuesday, December 6, from 4:15−5:00 p.m. titled “Making Your Metrics Matter.” The panel will include three of the smartest and most efficient people when it comes to higher education data and metrics I know—Dan Esdale (chief marketing officer, Suffolk University), Joe Brennan (vice president, communications and marketing, University at Albany), and Emily Truax (digital engagement associate, Boston University).

We will be discussing a wide range of ideas focused on making the large amounts of accessible data relevant to your campus decision makers and administration. How do you get past likes, retweets, and page views and get to data that actually provides actionable information? How does that information differ for a CMO, a VP of communications, or a digital media manager? Dan, Joe, and Emily will provide examples from their respective campuses, and we will discuss industry-wide trends as they relate to data and metrics in higher education.

The conversation will wrap around one major theme—how do you turn your data and metrics into a solid strategy and what should that data look like?

While you are at AMA, make sure you swing by the Stamats booth 1 and 2 to say hi. Unfortunately, our booth is inside and not by the pool.

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