This time of year, it’s natural to look back on our successes and look forward to a year that’s bigger, brighter, and better than the last. With that in mind, Stamats’ team of consultants and client executives have done what they do best—reflect on the most important elements of successful higher education marketing and distil those ideas into practical and tactical recommendations (heck…you might even call them resolutions).

From our team to yours, Here’s a list of ten resolutions that just might make 2017 your school’s best year yet. Embrace them, pass them on and—most importantly—have a wonderful holiday season!

  1. ‘Tis the season…for alignment: I will look for ways to align my institution’s external branding communications with its internal strategic plan.
  2. Now, Dasher! Now, Data! I will embrace (and advocate for) the power of data to help shape more informed marketing decisions.
  3. A research wish list: I resolve to establish and properly fund a qualitative and quantitative research cycle at my institution.
  4. Unwrap the possibilities: I will look for new opportunities to distinguish my college or university from all others by pushing the boundaries of its brand promise.
  5. A site shiny and bright: I’ll engage students to perform usability testing on my school’s institutional website to determine what’s working and what could be improved upon.
  6. Elves in the workshop: I will begin to consider college and university brands as experiences that are lived every day through interactions with faculty, staff, alumni, and students. I’ll look for new ways to build and enhance my school’s brand through human interaction, experiences, and events.
  7. Tech the halls: I resolve to learn one new feature of Google Analytics each month and share that knowledge with colleagues.
  8. Guiding the sleigh: I resolve to be guided by my institutions’ strategic plan and not be distracted by passing urgencies, temporary trends, or paths of least resistance. I will, on occasion, even say “no.”
  9. Give the gift of insight: As I consider new academic programs, I will rely on market data to better understand demand, job trends, competitor offerings, and prospective student pools.
  10. The spirit of the season: When faced with tough conversations I may need to have with team members, administrators, or institutional leadership, I will be guided by grace, integrity, and candor. I will clearly state the challenges ahead and seek collaborative, data-informed solutions.

At Stamats, we turn resolutions into realities. If you’d like to learn more about how our team of consultants, researchers, web developers, writers, and designers can add to your school’s success in 2017, call us at 800-553-8878.

And from all of us at Stamats, have a joyous and safe holiday season!


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