Ode to the Board
Chuck Reed, Stamats

Chuck Reed

Senior Vice President for Client Services

Chuck has worked in higher education for more than 20 years, including positions as coordinator of admissions for Peru State College and director of media relations for Nebraska Wesleyan University. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where he worked as an admission ambassador for four years and learned firsthand about the roller coaster ride that is being a regional public university. At Stamats, Chuck was a writer and editor for nearly five years before becoming a client executive. His clients range from selective private colleges to regional publics and two-year institutions nationally, and his projects have won several CASE Gold and other awards. He frequently presents at CASE conferences and other professional workshops.

Lots of ideas.
Well, more opinions than ideas, really.
Some OK.

I think that I shall never see
A Board as old as this one hiring me.
They want to know what’s really “in”
So their hopes have a place to be safely pinned.
I lose them somewhere between “Uber” and “tweets”
I’m not sure how they took the term “butts in seats.”
When I said their college really lacked
I expected a fervent and quick attack.
But most just sat there looking sad
Except one napping who snored real bad.
I ended with a message of hope
Future thinking needed to help them cope.
But since most were friends of Harry Truman,
Methinks they are more likely doom-ed.

There once was a board chair from Nantucket
Who with any issue of debt would just duck it.
Until an audit did show,
The U’s endowment did grow,
A dark place is where his foes then stuck it.

I just met the new Chair of our university Board,
I came away flummoxed and flustered
While expecting someone I couldn’t adore
There was simply no bombast and bluster.

With a successful track record in the non-profit realm
She comes with a new set of tools.
Focused on people and the way that we treat them
“To do less makes us no more than fools.”

For my marketing work she is quick to commend
“Your staff has kept us from squalor.
“The truth is we we’re strong, with few things to mend
“So I’m giving you some much needed dollars.”

My breath goes, my palms sweat, and my heart starts racing a fair bit.
After 30 years of crazy I finally work for someone who really gets it.

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