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Chuck Reed, Senior Vice President for Client Services

One of the first Facebook friends I ever had was a former college administrator.

He wasn’t “former” because he posted beer-soaked moments online while wearing his employer’s T-shirt, but I bet that’s happened more than once over the years. He just changed careers, and only now will post hilarious things about his professional time.

As professionals, most of us know what to do/not to do in the social media space. Yet a large chunk of this same pool doesn’t have a clear idea how to use social media in recruitment and college marketing for measurable good/definable ROI.

I am fortunate to have colleagues who know the above, and can build full systems and framework plans in social media and all things digital. There are amazing things going on in the marketplace, much less in the brains of these good folks.

Being me, I happen to see one of the best byproducts of the social media/digital sharing world as the naming conventions of this world. Facebook? Pinterest? Instagram? Snapchat? Twitter? Fun.

In this spirit, a few quick thoughts on potential social media/digital platforms that should be built for higher education:

  • Flash Budget—Snapchat offshoot allows you to at least have a REAL marketing budget for one to 10 seconds.
  • iCandy College—Sharing forever autumn campus photos with your visual feast Apple-minded peers.
  • ButtsInSeatsBook—Sharing your day-to-day enrollment marketing effort, drab makes it fab! Post everything from meeting moments and tactical revelations to catty things about non-friended colleagues and colleges. Tongues will wag.
  • WWJD—Christian college chat networking opportunity for strategic planners (What Would Jesus Decentralize?).
  • UTube—Either YouTube for universities (duh), or a “ube” for Texas or Tennessee. Sign me up to figure out the latter.
  • AProvostalypse—Online community for mulling over minutiae about the potential death of your liberal arts core. Try its tense, action-packed sister game, The Great Registrar No-Agenda-This-Meeting Adventure.
  • The RapFacApp—Translates any marketing concept or phrase you use every day trying to help your institution into a rapid-fire faculty-speak retort. “Let’s apply return on investment metrics” becomes “Because I have tenure, that’s why!” “That’s not in the budget” becomes “A monkey could do marketing!” HI-larious!
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