Enhance Your Web Presence

Digital Content Should Captivate and Generate Leads

New media, new channels, new challenges—and new opportunities. Your audiences shift how and when they connect with you. Your processes, plans, and even goals need to keep pace. Your people have a chance to grow into new skills, a new understanding, and a renewed connection with your audiences.

How We Can Help

Digital Audit

How’s your website doing? How does it work within your overall marketing plan? How does it compare to your competitors? Through a comprehensive review of your institution’s website, our experts will evaluate your site’s overall appeal, organization, content, and features, as well as the processes and resources that maintain it.

Responsive Website Design

Your external users expect great visuals, relevant content, intuitive navigation, and clear calls to action, and they expect it on a smartphone or mobile device. Responsive web design scales all site elements for any screen size. Combine that with our strategic architecture, interface design, and development, and your site delivers.

Search Engine Marketing

Search result order and online searchability matters, especially if you aim to build brand awareness or bolster recruitment and fundraising. Search engine marketing (SEM), done properly, will help you increase your ability to be found. There are several options when it comes to SEM, such as traditional paid advertising on search engines and social media advertising. Stamats will take the time to understand your advertising goals in order to define a precise strategy, using the appropriate mix of options just right for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have changed the way students research prospective schools. More than 92 percent of students say that if they don’t find necessary information on a school’s website, they will cross that school off the list. It is more vital than ever that your school is not only found in search engines but found at the top of the list of results. The Stamats Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Assessment will ensure your website’s content, format, and keywords are search-engine-friendly.

Website Usability Testing

Can a user find the information she seeks? A real user? An impatient, multi-tasking prospect who has a dozen sites to visit? Find by testing your current architecture or a proposed architecture. Usability isn’t about design, but about navigation, information, and user tasks—data for smarter website decisions.

Website Analytics

To improve the return on investment (ROI) for interactive projects, it is imperative that institutions develop actionable insights from data and information regarding web traffic and visitor behavior. Stamats will help you understand how to convert the data gathered into actionable information. Our web analytics consulting team will help you quickly understand what visitors are doing on your site, making it simple to identify opportunities to increase visitor engagement.

Social Media Planning and Strategy

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter help you engage with prospective students, current students, alumni, and more. Whether you are currently leveraging these platforms or whether you are just beginning, we can help you use social media to drive admissions, increase yield, and create lasting connection with your audiences.

Resources to Help You Enhance Your Web Presence