bolster_your_brBranding for Higher Education

Solid Brands Embed Themselves Into Hearts, Minds, and Wallets

Brand is so much more than a logo or a tagline. It’s the experience people have when they interact with your institution, and it’s the benefit they gain from that interaction. It is the glue between you and your audiences. A strong brand seems simple, yet delivering it is complex.

How We Can Help

Brand Clarification and Development

Your brand is an outward expression of your institution’s core values, so we help you communicate those enduring qualities. Brand marketing requires a high level of campus involvement and engagement, so we spend time on your campus, we build community, and we engage campus leaders and stakeholders at key points.

Brand Boot Camp

If you and your senior leaders already have a keen understanding of your institution, have made firm decisions about your mission and vision, and have identified and clarified your key competitors and target audiences, you might forego our more comprehensive brand development and choose Stamats Brand Boot Camp.

Competitive Positioning

Smarter positioning depends upon knowledge of your competitive environment as well as the academic programs and learning environment strengths that distinguish you from your competitors. Our experienced researchers and consultants can help you find sustainable competitive advantages through a competitive environment scan and the right selection of other tools.

Brand Communication Planning

Communicating your brand to targeted audiences in authentic, compelling ways is essential. Stamats will work with your brand team to develop an institutional brand communication plan, drawing from your institutional goals, audience needs, history, and resources, as well as the best practices within and beyond the higher education industry.

Brand Engagement

You know who you are—who you want to be, how your audiences see you, how you are distinct within higher education—but all those are still separate slices of data. You need an emotionally resonant, unified core. It’s the concept at the center—the concept that creates the center—the idea before the tagline comes out of your mouth, the feeling in your heart even before you see your logo.

Let's Talk About Your Brand

Resources to Help You Bolster Your Brand

Just Search Engine It

I love irony. Some of the best comedy comes from it. Irony can often bring to light unexpected lessons, sometimes warm and delightful while other lessons can be piercing and cold. While researching for my blog post about Google, what could be more ironic than googling Google? Sure, I could just go to Google’s page…


A Swift Kick in Your Asset Development

Imagine sitting down to begin your next marketing project with an full set of brand-aligned assets at your fingertips. We’re talking photographs, videos, or a collection of targeted interviews ready to become published or digital profiles—all perfectly supporting your cause. Sure would make the process go a lot faster and more smoothly.


Dare to Be Bold

A lot of people are afraid to be bold. And it’s understandable why. Being bold can be scary. You put yourself/your beliefs/your identity/your brand out there and hope that others will have the same enthusiasm for it as you. That others won’t reject you. But there’s no guarantee. It’s why so many people and so…


Where’s Your Mars?

I’m a techno-wannabe. Have been all my life. As a kid, I read Popular Science and dreamed of flying cars and cold fusion. In college, back in the days before—well, everything—most of my classmates wrote their papers on typewriters. Manual typewriters. Somehow, I weaseled my way into the good graces of people who knew how…


Branded Environments and the College Campus Feel

I recently started working for a client near my alma mater and former employer, the University of Notre Dame. When the project team and I visited our client’s campus, I couldn’t help making a special trip one evening to walk around my old campus and take in the nostalgia. And at Notre Dame, you’re hit…


Sometimes, the Best Insights Come from Without

When Henry Ford unveiled his Quadricycle on June 4, 1896, it took its place in history as the first automobile he ever designed or drove. It wasn’t long after, in 1903, that the recently incorporated Ford Motor Company released the Model A. Now, 110+ years later, the company Henry Ford built is still going strong—as a family business and as a brand.